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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Why you should replace wheat flour with an alternative. and which one to choose

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 22:00:35

Why you should replace wheat flour with an alternative. And which one to choose (photo 1)

Sergei Leonov

chef, founder of ZOGigay online culinary academy

White wheat flour was created primarily for ease of storage. It can remain in warehouses for years and rodents are quite indifferent. It has practically no benefit, since all the useful elements are contained in the husk of the grain, which is removed during the production of white flour.

The highest quality flour is believed to be the highest grade, but it is the one that is carefully cleaned, depriving it of vitamins and fiber. In addition, such flour has the highest gluten content, and some people suffer from intolerance to this substance. Additionally, wheat flour is often further lightened to give a more presentable appearance, and preservatives are added to increase shelf life.

But do not rush to stop baking, because wheat flour can be replaced with gluten-free.

Here are the most useful alternatives.

green buckwheat flour

It is rich in iron, vitamin B and folic acid, and this is immediately a triple benefit: for the metabolism, the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. It has a pleasant flavor with a slight herbaceous undertone. Ideal for breads and crisps, omelettes, pancakes and homemade noodles.

chickpea flour

Source of dietary fiber, contains various vitamins. It takes care of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood sugar levels, saturates for a long time and has a nutty taste. Chickpea flour is quite versatile and indispensable in the preparation of flour dishes.

Rice flour

It is very rich in selenium, which has a beneficial effect on reproductive function. Such flour is practically tasteless, but it gives some sweetness to the finished products. It makes crackers and crusty breads crispier, and provides shape-stable patties and casseroles.

Almond flour

This flour with a light marzipan flavor is ideal for desserts and cakes. It has a positive effect on the hormonal background and the state of the nervous system.

coconut flour

Despite the pronounced aroma of coconut, it does not taste sweet. It absorbs a lot of liquid and swells well, making it great for making pastries, creams, and sauces. It is recommended to add coconut flour to the diet for thyroid diseases and chronic stress.

Each type of flour absorbs moisture in its own way, so to prepare the dough it is worth mixing several varieties.

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