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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Will mass vaccination against covid be necessary this fall?: Russian doctors responded

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 13:43:46

The Russian Ministry of Health proposed to modify the rules for vaccination against COVID-19

Photo: Oleg UKLADOV

Vacation and vacation time is running out not only for us, but also for the coronavirus. By the summer, the causative agent of the covid gave people a break, and by the fall, epidemiologists expect another increase in incidence. In addition, the WHO warned about the spread in the world of a new version of the omicron strain – “Eris” (or “Eris”).

Scientists say that all descendants of omicron are much less “bloodthirsty” than previous varieties of the virus. In many patients, the disease progresses relatively easily, without critical complications. But, not everyone is so lucky. Based on these two circumstances, the Russian Ministry of Health proposed to modify the rules for vaccination against COVID-19. The essence of the amendments: stop mass vaccination according to epidemiological indications. Vulnerable groups of citizens are required to continue to be vaccinated. Your list is:

– people over 18 years of age who have not previously been sick and / or not vaccinated against covid;

– people aged 60 or over;

– patients with chronic diseases, including: diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and obesity;

– people with primary or secondary immunodeficiencies, including HIV infection, autoimmune diseases, oncological/oncohaematological diseases.

How justified is the move from mass vaccination to selective vaccination for vulnerable groups? The professional service of distance medical education Vrachu.ru conducted a study on this topic. The experts interviewed 2,352 health workers (physicians and mid-level medical personnel) from all regions of the country during the period from August 11 to 16. The doctors were asked three questions:

1. Have there been fewer patients with COVID-19 (compared to a year ago)?

2. Is there a decrease in the number of severe covid cases?

3. Is the refusal to mass vaccination of citizens justified?

The vast majority reported a significant reduction in the incidence of coronavirus: 92.8% of doctors and nurses. And only 5.9% said the decline was small.

Furthermore, the vast majority of physicians, 93.7% of those surveyed, responded that there were far fewer patients with serious infections. Another 4.9% point out that the number of such patients has decreased, but not by much. And just 1.1% said the number of severe covid cases hadn’t changed.

As for mass vaccination, support for its cessation prevails in the medical community. 73% of the doctors and nurses surveyed agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Health. 14.4% do not have a clear opinion on this issue. 12.6% of health workers were in favor of maintaining universal vaccination.

– Taking into account the improvement of the epidemic situation, the cessation of mass vaccination seems a logical step. This, among other things, will reduce the burden on the health system and doctors, – Igor Stepanyukov, General Director of the Vrachu.ru service, commented on the results of the survey.


The WHO also recommends that not everyone get vaccinated

The World Health Organization updated its covid vaccination guidelines this spring. The experts advocated vaccinating people in a “high priority group.” Namely: the elderly, with chronic diseases, weakened immunity. These citizens are recommended to be revaccinated every 6-12 months. And healthy adults under the age of 60, according to WHO experts, can do without revaccination.

It is also pointed out that the best option is vaccines, which contain “fresh” strains of coronavirus. Let’s remember that in Russia, the updated Sputnik vaccine, according to the plans of the Ministry of Health, should be available this fall. As Deputy Health Minister Tatyana Semenova said, the updated Sputnik Light will be the first to appear (it includes an injection). Then the classic “Sputnik” (two injections with a break of several weeks) and vaccination options for children.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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