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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Will Petersburgers have time to challenge the new cadastral value of housing? KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 20:33:13

“RG” requested feedback in the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Cadastral Assessment”. The head of the legal department Irina Gineva said that the work to determine the cadastral value is being carried out on the basis of the order of the Committee on Property Relations of St. Petersburg dated June 18, 2019 No. 113-p. That is, it is not necessary to talk about some unexpected revaluation of the home. In total, the process will affect more than 3.4 million objects, including more than 2.6 million residential premises.

This year, the GKO is held according to the new methodological guidelines approved by the order of Rosreestr. The main concerns of apartment owners are related to the fact that the cadastral value of housing may differ from the market value. The latter is made up of a number of factors. For example, when evaluating real estate, real estate services take into account the location, proximity to the subway, the availability of infrastructure, the year of construction of the house and the material of the walls, the floor, the area of ​​​​the apartment and the cost of a similar home. And what is taken into account in GKO?

– According to the current guidelines, the cadastral value is determined on the basis of market information, as well as other data related to the economic characteristics of the use of the property, – said the director of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution ” Cadastral Evaluation” Sergey Gribovsky. – At the same time, a comparative approach is used to evaluate apartments, based on a comparison of transaction prices and offers for similar objects. The models for determining the cadastral value are formed based on the prices of the St. Petersburg real estate market that existed at the end of 2022.

In addition, additional evaluation parameters are now used to select more accurate analog objects. In 2018, the calculated value of the construction volume of the building was used, which often did not coincide with the real one. Since then, with the collection of additional information, this indicator has come closer to reality. The models for calculating the physical deterioration of buildings have also changed: the old formulas often led to a distortion of this value.

For GKO-2023, the entire apartment market was divided into three segments: standard housing, modern housing and high-quality housing, notes Sergey Gribovsky. The division is based on the year of construction, architecture, load-bearing structures, space planning solutions, home infrastructure, parking availability, and other parameters. For each segment, a separate set of price factors is used, and in 2018, all homes were priced the same. In addition, the increase in the prices of the construction of homes and finished buildings, which has occurred over four years, is taken into account.

All work is scheduled to be completed by mid-July 2023. A preliminary report with the results will be sent to Rosreestr for verification. Then it will be placed in the State Cadastral Valuation Data Fund on the Rosreestr website, as well as on the portal of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Cadastral Valuation”.

It will be possible to review the draft report and submit comments within 30 days. Information on how to do this will also be posted on the Cadastral Assessment website. The draft report will be adjusted taking into account the comments received and agreed with Rosreestr. Only then will it be approved by the City’s Property Relations Committee.

But it won’t be too late to question the assessment of your apartment even after that.

– The results of determining the cadastral value can be challenged as long as they affect the rights or obligations of the parties concerned, – emphasizes Svetlana Naydenova, Deputy Head of the Department of Work with Applicants of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Cadastral Assessment” . – This can be done in the challenge commission of the property relations committee in St. Petersburg or in the city court. Current legislation also provides for the possibility of out-of-court clarification of the cadastral value.

If the owner considers that a mistake has been made, he will need to submit an application for correction and supporting documents to the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Cadastral Assessment”. Based on the results of the consideration, a decision will be made to recalculate the cadastral value or to reject it, if the presence of an error is not confirmed.

If the owner disagrees with the assessment, but is not sure that it was determined incorrectly, they may contact the department for clarification. In this case, it will also be checked for errors in the calculation of the cadastral value. If found, it will be recalculated.

– The determination of the cadastral value within the framework of the GKO is carried out by mass valuation methods that do not allow taking into account the individual characteristics of each object. But this can be done as part of an individual assessment of its market value in the course of challenging the cadastral value in a commission or court, – summed up Svetlana Naydenova.

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