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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Winner of the program “Come on, all together!” received a million rubles: “I did not expect!”

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 09:33:57

The host of the program Nikolai Baskov and the winner of “Come on, all together!” Sergei Pavlovsky. Photo: TV channel “Russia”

On the evening of March 4, the name of the winner of the vocal program “Come on, all together!” was announced on the Rossiya channel. The special project of the TV show called “Battle of the Seasons” has been completed – the best vocalists, finalists of all four seasons, competed. By tradition, the jury evaluated the artists – one hundred experts, headed by Sergey Lazarev. The great guest star of the final jury was the Popular Artist Larisa Dolina.

Final results: won by Sergey Pavlovsky from the city of Tomsk; in second place – Daria Khramova, and “bronze” – Arpi Abkarian.

Larisa Dolina was already on her feet at the 16th second of Sergey’s decisive live performance, thus voting for her voice. On the decisive vocal tour, Pavlovsky sang a composition by Alexander Shoua, he did not appreciate it. And the majority decided that Sergey performed better than the original. Users of social networks agreed with the opinion of the professional jury: many called 27-year-old Sergei Pavlovsky the leader of the final even before it took place. And jokingly, Sergei was nicknamed on social networks “double Vitas” – there is some external similarity. Sergey Pavlovsky received various prizes for the victory: money – a million rubles in size. And not monetary, but important: the poet and composer Oleg Vladi will write him a song, with which Sergey will open the new fifth season of the show. Also, Pavlovsky will be able to perform that song whenever he wants, a gift. Oleg Vlady is the author of hits by Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak, Anita Tsoi, Lolita and other stars. 500,000 rubles were awarded for second place and 250,000 rubles for third place.

Sergey said after the victory: “I did not expect and was not aimed at winning, because the process itself was more important for me and the opportunity to show myself from a new side and reach the final! This show had a strong influence on me, and once again I understood the idea that I always tell myself and my students: the main thing is not to try to sing or act better than someone else. The most important thing is to unite and show that today I can sing as I can! I am very grateful to fate that I got into this show, because I also found good friends here. We have developed a warm relationship with Arpi Abkarian, and Simona and I are very supportive of each other. I hope this is the beginning of a good and sincere friendship.”

Arpi Abkarian took third place: “This time I was focused on winning and of course I was upset when I came third. Perhaps listeners, including jury members, prefer drama in music, so the romantic song “My All” unfortunately did not work out. But the project “Come on, all together!” Gave me another colossal experience and a chance to get 100 points twice in a row; In my opinion, no one has been able to do this.”

The host of the television project Nikolai Baskov announced a meeting with viewers in the fifth season of “Come on, all together!”.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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