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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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World rock music legend Roger Waters called Biden the main provocateur of the conflict in Ukraine

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 11:20:23

The founder of the famous band Pink Floyd sent a message to the President of the United States


Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters addressed the President of the United States in the “People’s Podcast” video podcast.

“I am speaking to President Biden on behalf of the majority. Let’s be honest, Mr. President. I speak for the voiceless majority. You, Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan and other militant neocons in Washington, along with your NATO vassals… are the main provocateurs.

In 1989, you could follow the example of Mr. Gorbachev. He could keep Secretary of State Baker’s promise and not expand NATO’s borders “not one yard (0.914 meters-Ed.)” to the Russian borders from the east of united Germany.

You could listen to Putin’s famous speech in Munich in February 2007 and make Europe much safer.

And in 2008 – not to expand NATO to the east.

And in 2014, not to organize an illegal coup on the Maidan.

And in 2019, to support the Minsk agreements. Angela Merkel recently said it was a ploy to buy Ukraine time to prepare for the war she was already plotting.

In September 2022, according to the world famous investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, you blew up the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic. If this is confirmed, it will not only be an armed aggression, but also a heinous act of terrorism on a global scale.

You, Mr. President, boasted that you had all the possibilities and intentions for this, and then Victoria Nuland rejoiced that the gas pipeline had turned into, I quote, “a heap of metal at the bottom of the sea.” And Anthony Blinken gloated at how well the destruction of Nord Stream fitted into the US imperial agenda. And now, after all this, their idiot spokesman Ned Price (State Department spokesman – Ed.) claims that the US has nothing to do with this. We have not heard any statement from you on this subject, Mr. President, and we have not read a single article in the world’s major media outlets. Presumably you think that Hersh’s report on the mysterious pipeline explosion is of no interest to anyone. Enough! We demand a change! Listen to your conscience. Seek an early ceasefire in Ukraine.”

burning oil

Let me remind you that in August 2022, in an interview with CNN, Waters already called US President Joe Biden a war criminal who added fuel to the fire in Ukraine. “The Russian special operation was a response to the NATO advance near Russia’s borders. Although the Alliance promised not to. It was in exchange for this that Gorbachev withdrew Soviet troops from the gates of Western Europe.

In September, the musician sent an open letter to the wife of Ukrainian President Zelensky.

“Dear Mrs. Zelenskaya! The BBC quotes him as saying: “If support for Ukraine is strong, the crisis will be shorter.” Hmm? If by “supporting Ukraine” you mean that the West will continue to supply weapons to the Kiev government armies, I fear I could be tragically wrong. Dropping fuel in the form of weapons in a firefight has never worked to shorten warfare in the past. It won’t work now either. Especially since most of the fuel (a) is dumped on the fire from Washington, DC, which is a relatively safe distance from the conflagration; and (b) because the “fuel shooters” have already declared their interest in maintaining the conflict as long as possible… If we want to achieve a different result, we will have to find another way. It may be in the good intentions previously declared by her husband. Yes, I mean the platform on which he ran so commendably for the Ukrainian presidency and won his historic landslide victory in the 2019 democratic elections. He promised: End the civil war in the East, bring peace to the Donbass and partial autonomy. for Donetsk and Lugansk. And also to ratify and implement the rest of the Minsk agreements -2.

One can only assume that her husband’s electoral politics did not suit certain political factions in kyiv and they convinced him to diametrically change course, ignoring the mandate of the people. Unfortunately, her husband agreed with the totalitarian and undemocratic rejection of the will of the Ukrainian people. And the forces of extreme nationalism that maliciously hid in the shadows have ruled Ukraine ever since. They have crossed many red lines that their neighbors, the Russian Federation, have clearly marked for several years. And as a result, they, the extreme nationalists, put their country on the path of this disaster… Love, Roger Waters.

Forbidden Concerts

Of course, in kyiv, the legend of world rock music was immediately accused of “Kremlin propaganda.” And in neighboring Poland, he was declared persona non grata “for supporting the Kremlin regime.” And they banned concerts as part of Waters’ This Is Not a Drill world tour.

The show, he says, “includes a dozen great songs from Pink Floyd’s golden era along with a few new ones: words and music, same writer, same heart, same soul, same person.”

The first part of the tour was successful last year on the other side of the ocean: the United States, Canada, Mexico. On March 17 in Lisbon the European part of the tour will begin. Waters will perform in the stadiums of the main cities and capitals of Europe. Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Budapest, Bologna, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, London, etc. On April 21 and 22, the legendary musician was expected in Krakow, Poland. Poor me…

How will the White House react to Roger Waters’ appeal to the President of the United States?


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