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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Worse than fat and smoking: Blood thickening product named KXan 36 Daily News

Date: September 30, 2023 Time: 01:06:42

In the list of foods that are recommended to reduce with thick blood: fatty meats, smoked meats, potatoes, bananas, as well as foods with a lot of vitamin K (spinach, parsley, chard, watercress, Brussels sprouts).

A special conversation is sugar (both in food and drinks). It is recommended to remove it first. The particular insidiousness of sugar lies in the fact that it is present (even in a latent form) in the mass of products. Therefore, you need to carefully read the labels, paying attention to the various “syrups” in the composition. Due to sugar, the level of glucose in the blood rises and the production of lipid compounds increases, Mikhail Kutushov emphasized.

The blood thickens with a lack of protein and amino acids. Therefore, meat cannot be completely excluded, it must be present in the diet. But these are mainly low-fat varieties: turkey or chicken. Fish (marine), dairy products and eggs are also important.

In addition, you need to monitor the digestive system as a whole. The fact is that problems with it violate the water balance in the body, thereby thickening the blood.

“Due to insufficient production of the necessary enzymes by the digestive organs, the body becomes acidic and the blood becomes thicker,” said the specialist.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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