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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Yakov Mirkin: what our great ancestors dreamed of a hundred years ago, on the eve of 1923 KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 15:24:53

A hundred years ago, our families went through a world war, two revolutions, a civil war, the most severe blockade of the largest states, the most severe famine, the separation of peoples, and the NEP (new economic policy) began to To win. his strength, which was supposed to feed everyone. And, it would seem, the turning point towards a new, calm life is coming. What were they waiting for? What did you dream of? What do you want with all your heart? To listen to them and make themselves known, are we the same? Are we equal in our routine?

And then the diaries are placed on the table and opened.

Olga Berggolts, 12 years old. How far before she is in the blockade, she will write her blockade journal and her “Day Stars”.

Olga Berggolts, older in this photo, at age 12: I’m so glad I’m not dying. I love living so much. Photo: Isucto. is

January 24, 1923 “I’m so glad I’m not dying. I love living so much and I want to live a long, long time.”

January 31 “For the first time in my life I danced with a guy. And it’s not as scary as I imagined.”

February 12 “In total, our gift cost 59 million – a beautiful large basket of fruits. Ivan touched and kissed me (one, you hear). And when we went downstairs with our gift, the “elders” rushed on the stairs. With what envy they looked at our excellent gift! I showed them my nose! What, Marusenka S., what did you take? After all, the “little ones”, as you call us, made a better gift, and it is a hundredfold Better than your flowers in a powdered pot, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well that’s all for now. Wait for me tomorrow you diary chump!

Year 1923, the same beginning, year still unknown. He will succeed. There will be economic growth, there will be almost full life, a life in which millions and billions run out, and more and more normal money appears, there will be hope that the troubles will end.

Mikhail Prishvin, 50 years old. “Pantry of the sun” – still to come. Decades of books, journals and travel will be.

Sergei Bulgakov: God, help me, I don’t know the way… and how unnatural, deadly is the life of emigration. Photo: omilIya.org

March 13, 1923 “In an empty time, when man was much worse than a beast to man, many times I was left alone with myself, and then it happened that a heavenly star fell on the soul: it would remain so, and you you will do”. remember this moment forever, or you will notice a pine tree, how in January, when the sun began to come a little closer to the earth, she was the first to rejoice with this sun, and then I was the second with her: I guessed from her of his emeralds. on earth”.

March 16, 1923 “Fate leads people, of course, to their homes, but we do not know by what means, and there is hardly a single person who has guessed his fate in his youth. In Russia, this is how it looks now. Take any life of your generation and read it like a book.”

Yes, the unknown, yes, fate captures and leads, but where?

Korney Chukovsky, 41 years old. April 1, 1923 “Here I am 41 years old. How little. With what envy I will read this page again when I am 50. So, we must be satisfied! When I turned 19 -only 22 years ago- I wrote: “I really already I am 19 years old?” Now I will write: “Am I really 42 years old? The game is played, it’s a bad game, and you need to put on a good face.”

Korney Chukovsky: I am already 42 years old? The game is played, a bad game, and you need to put on a good face. Photo: hermitagefineart.com

But has his game been played? She was just getting started. After 35 years, on April 1, 1958, he would write again in his diary: “I am 76 years old. How banal and useless! I never considered myself talented and I deeply despised my writings, but now I see that something human was moving.” in me – but I did nothing, nothing with my powers.

A thoughtful person, eternally dissatisfied with herself, eternally suffering, who could do so much more. How much did she do! She suffered, she worried, she considered it a joy to work from morning to night, she suffered when it was impossible. How grateful we are to him! But even on his 76th birthday, she had many years ahead of her: not played yet, great game!

But the year is still 1923, exactly a hundred years ago, and the famous 45-year-old historian Veselovsky, waiting for him, writes in his diary: “My salary is 225 million. Gold sold (10 rubles) – 226 million. Herring 5 pounds – 17 million 2 fish – 24 m Scissor tip – 1 m 2 pounds of onions – 0.9 3 pounds of raisins – 9 meters 15 pounds of soap – 15 million, tangerine – 2 meters Not millions, rubles and kopecks will appear a a little later, so far there is only hope for them (hereinafter – prozhito.org).And he writes on April 3, 1923: “How difficult it is to determine the essence of what is experienced.” It is also difficult for us to understand what that is yet to come, but there is always hope.

Vera Bunina, 41 years old, January 1, 1923, from Paris. “We celebrated the New Year on the Alexander III bridge. It seemed significant to us. Jan (Ivan Bunin) said: “Maybe we will come back this year?” They did not return to Russia. They never returned.

Vera Bunina: Jan said: “Maybe we will come back this year?”. They never returned to Russia. Photo: um.mos.ru

Sergei Bulgakov did not return either. He is 51 years old. He is known to everyone, a philosopher, a priest. And he just got kicked out of Russia. Constantinople, January 20, 1923 “At night I wake up from grief for my homeland and my homeland, for my family, for the church. This is a kind of longing for the last days! In the meantime, you need to find yourself myself, to arrange for a new life… God, help me I don’t know the way… and how unnatural, deadly the life of emigration, how sad, when you think that it is for years, perhaps, until the end, you just you lose. Or is it the first time?” He will no longer see Russia, he will serve it, work, write and live in Paris for more than 20 years.

But there were other people, everything was clear in their lives.

Alexandra Kollontai, 50 years old, Plenipotentiary in Norway, May 1, 1923 “My heart is happy and clear. We have won! We will build a new and better life for the workers. We are on the rise in everything. We have overcome the famine of 1921, the industry is flourishing. We workers know no unemployment, and women are equal in all spheres. How much longer will I have to sell herring here? She will trade and negotiate all her life, spend all her life in embassies, and do much more by all of us.Before her decades as ambassador, the 1930s and 1940s, but not yet visible.

And in ordinary life everything was as usual.

Paraskeva Razunkova, 19 years old, student. January 1, 1923 “New Year. Will it bring anything? It’s 3 pm. Dark, foggy. Humid, smart St. Petersburg weather. No snow, ice. Puddles. Wet, slippery. Rain.”

January 7th. “Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, they gave 20 million in advance from the mutual benefit fund for everyone. That was a joy, they immediately rushed to the market and bought with the general money. 6 pounds of millet at 650 thousand a pound, 4 pounds of semolina from barley at 800 thousand pounds, 10 pounds of potatoes at 380 thousand a pound, 2 pounds of salt at 650 thousand, 2 pounds of onions at 550 thousand rubles a pound Today they cooked dinner again, but it came out tasteless, because there was no single drop of butter

There is no salt now at 600 thousand a pound, but there is something that can be there every day, every year, no matter what. There was this day in the winter of 1923.

Nikolai Dubinin, 16 years old, future geneticist, academician. “When I finished reading this extraordinary book, it was evening. I went out into the park, in which, shrouded in frost, as if swaying in the mist and at the same time motionless, was our big old wooden house, covered with frost, , in snow caps. Brilliant stars burned above the sparkling cold of night. A feeling of immense love for the world, a bright sadness constricts my heart, and the joy of being, like a whirlwind of fire, went through me. What could be? made in this painful moment of happiness? I began to cry, alone, out loud, happy.

1923 gave hope for economic growth. But now it is very difficult for us to understand the financial system of that country. Photo: sangtu.ru conros.ru

It would be good for us too. We know in advance that we will feel bad, we will feel good, we will painfully experience everything that cannot be returned, but, most importantly, that everyone this year has at least one day that can be lived with joy, forgetting about all the risks. and the suffering of the world.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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