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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Yakovleva’s son stuck a coffin in his face, and Bondarchuk’s heir beat up a tennis star: scandalous children of stars

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:12:19

Denis Shalnykh.


It seems that they were born with a golden spoon in their mouth. But many stellar children on the path of life face the same difficulties: the full employment of parents, the “golden cage” or, conversely, complete freedom and often loneliness. We will talk about the children of celebrities who have repeatedly fallen into public scandals.

Denis Shalnykh

29 years

Denis is the son of actors Elena Yakovleva and Valery Shalny. When Denis was a child, the boy successfully played a role in the adventure film The Secret in the Wolf’s Den. But then the desire to act in Denis dried up. He graduated from high school in Britain, entered GITIS, but never got a diploma.

Now the whole country knows Denis as perhaps the most tattooed young man in Russia. The young man took his first photo at the age of 17 – it was a portrait of his beloved dog. His husky named Dick died, and Denis decided to perpetuate the memory of the pet. Those who have gotten tattooed know that after the first tattoo it can be hard to stop. Denis continued to decorate his skin with drawings. He didn’t stop at the body of the Locos and started working on the face.

Elena Yakovleva comes to terms with her son’s eccentricities.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Having grown old, Denis regretted some tattoos, but now it is very difficult and painful to remove them. But he settled on it: he erased the image of the coffin from his face with a laser. The young man changes some of the drawings for less sinister ones.

At the same time, Shalnykh is a fan of sports and a healthy lifestyle. He pumped luxurious muscles, managed to get married, divorced and make a new girlfriend. Denis works as a hairdresser in a barbershop.

Elena Yakovleva supports the young man in everything. “Let tattoos be Denis’s biggest misfortune in life,” says Elena. In an interview, she admits that behind the images on her face, not everyone sees the beautiful soul of her son.

Leonid Sidorov

33 years

Now Leonid lives in Arkhangelsk, does not communicate with his father.


Leonid is the son of Alexei Sidorov, the director of the gangster saga “Brigade”, which shook Russia in the early 2000s. The guy has a difficult fate: he did not have a normal family, he grew up useless. The director and his wife were too young, they didn’t want to deal with cereal and diapers. The couple pushed the baby onto Alexei’s sister. As a result, the court deprived them of parental rights. The boy first ran among relatives, and then ended up in a boarding school. Subsequently, the young man became addicted to alcohol, stole a car, for which he went to jail.

Alexey Sidorov.


On the bunk, Leonid seriously thought about the meaning of life and decided to get involved in crime. But there was no bright future. After being released from prison, Leonid began to drink heavily. In a drunken stupor, he, along with another drinking companion, killed three neighbors in a communal apartment. For this, the court sentenced the director’s son to 13 years in prison. In 2022, the man was released.

Sergei Zverev Jr.

29 years

Sergei Zverev Jr. turned out to be the stepson of the famous hairdresser and showman.


The famous stylist Sergei Zverev recently celebrated his 60th birthday. The only son Sergei did not congratulate him on the anniversary from him. The star hairdresser and his heir have been quarreling for a long time. Zverev said that his son, Sergei, was born to his beloved, who died in a car accident. Therefore, he raised the baby with his mother. But the whole secret becomes clear: the actor Stas Sadalsky trumpeted that Zverev took the boy from an orphanage in Siberia.

Sergei Zverev.

Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

Serezha led a vibrant social life with her father. He was dressed in designer clothes, taken to clubs and star parties. But the teenager quickly got bored with all this glamor and fled from the capital to quiet Kolomna. Sergey managed to marry and divorce twice. He also managed to find his mother. The woman admitted that she was a victim of violence, so she decided to hand the child over to the State. Sergei still lives in the Moscow region, works at a construction site.

Nikolai Efremov

32 years

Nikolai Efremov, like his father, alcohol brought a lot of trouble.

Nikolai is the son of actor Mikhail Efremov, who is now serving a prison sentence for an accident, and the grandson of the famous actor and director of the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Efremov. Mikhail Olegovich has six children from different women. Nikolai was born to the actress actor Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. After the collapse of this union, the boy remained with his mother. Eugene gave him a decent education. Kolya was a member of the famous children’s ensemble “Fidgets”, where he showed himself well. In 2013, he graduated from GITIS with a bachelor’s degree in acting, played in the theater and acted in films (White Guard, Under the Same Roof, Double Solid, Aunts). The actor married and became the father of Alla’s daughter, named after her grandmother, actress Alla Pokrovskaya.

Mikhail Efremov.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Unfortunately, Nikolai has a family curse: a craving for alcohol. Furthermore, he was plagued by mood swings and depression from his youth. With these problems, he turned to a psychiatrist. In June of this year, Nikolai Efremov fell out of the window of his third-floor apartment. According to the doctors, at the time of the accident, Nikolai was sober and was preparing the apartment for the arrival of his wife and daughter. Now Efremov is in the hospital, the doctors refrain from making any predictions.

Bary Alibasov Jr.

35 years

Alibasov Jr. was repeatedly reproached for being rude.


Bari Jr. arose from the connection between Bari Karimovich Alibasov, the producer of the Integral group, and Elena Uronich, a fan of the group. By the way, the blood relationship was confirmed by a DNA test carried out in 2019 on one of the TV shows. Bari never married Elena and raised the girl alone. Bari once or twice a year sent money to support his son.

The family did not live well, and the boy began to earn money quite early, selling berries from the garden at the market and selling scrap metal. At the age of 14, the young man moved to Moscow with his father. There was no need to fight for every penny, and easy money spoiled the child. The idle lifestyle of the offspring irritated Bari Karimovich and he sent his son to the United States to continue his education. So Bari lived in London. However, in a foreign land, the guy got bored and returned to Russia.

Bary Alibasov.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

In 2021, information appeared that Bari Barievich imprisoned his sick father in an apartment and did not allow him to communicate with anyone. Alibasov Jr. retorted: all this is to protect dad from intrusive attention. But the housekeeper of the creator of the Na-Na group, Olga, accused him of abusing his father. According to the woman, she heard Bari Karimovich call for help and the response was a rude “Shut up!” From her son On the air of the television program, Olga said that Bari Jr. sealed his father’s mouth with tape and gave him some kind of injections. Like, the doctors prescribed that therapy to my father. The offspring itself does not hide the fact that he raised his hand to his father. But she justifies it with the circumstances.

– My wife Violetta and I took our granddaughter to our father for the first time. Dad opened the door for us in a state of alcoholic “pneumenosis.” He began to shout, to command everyone. When he said something to his granddaughter, he publicly greeted me right in the face. So I even broke his lip. And then he spat in her face…

sergey bondarchuk

31 years

Sergei gave parents a lot of trouble.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Fyodor Bondarchuk’s son Sergei has now settled down, but until recently he liked to wave his fists. There were reports in the press that Sergei, who was seriously involved in boxing and wrestling in his youth, had a fight with a passerby at the Kinotavr festival. But the biggest scandal was the fight with the famous tennis player Marat Safin at the Black Star club in the capital. Then several people attacked Marat at once, along with Sergei. As a result – bruises on the athlete’s face. The eminent dad had to apologize to the tennis star.

Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Sergei Bondarchuk was married to Tatiana Mamiashvili, the daughter of Olympic champion Mikhail Mamiashvili. The marriage lasted seven years, then the couple broke up. From this union two girls were born. According to acquaintances, the couple had conflicts due to Sergey’s hot-tempered nature, but Tata skillfully smoothed them out. But she couldn’t forgive an affair with her girlfriend.

Sergey studied in the USA at a film school in the production department, and then moved on to directing. Now Bondarchuk Jr. is actively acting in films. And in the series “The Thaw” by Valery Todorovsky, he even played his famous grandfather, director Sergei Bondarchuk.


Granddaughter Catherine Deneuve became a forger

For the grandson of Catherine Deneuve, the criminal business turned out to be more attractive than the cinema. Photo: Still from the film.

The grandson of French film star Catherine Deneuve, Igor Vadim (Vadim is the last name of his father, director Roger Vadim) joined the Italian mafia and began producing counterfeit money. Interpol went to great lengths to find the scammers. But the result was worth it: the police seized almost 40 million euros. Naturally false…

Catherine Deneuve. Photo: Still from the film.

The son of Michael Douglas and Diana Luker, Cameron became a drug addict at the age of 17. In 2009, he was jailed for illegal drug trafficking. But even in prison, he did not calm down. His girlfriend was caught with drugs while on a date with Cameron, and the star’s son was jailed for a couple more years.

Landed in prison and the offspring of the king of kinokung fu Jackie Chan. The actor himself is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. But in his son Jaycee’s apartment, the police found 100 grams of weed. For this, the young man was sent to a Chinese prison for six months.

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