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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Yana Poplavskaya quarreled with Ivan Urgant: “It’s a terrible shame!”

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 22:32:01

Yana Poplavskaya quarreled with Ivan Urgant: “It’s a terrible shame!”


Yana Poplavskaya intervened in the scandalous skirmish between Ivan Urgant and Vyacheslav Manucharov. The latter has long been sharpening a tooth on a colleague. The patriot Manucharov believes that Urgant has no place on Russian television. However, Ivan did not tolerate the attacks and snapped at his colleague.

Vyacheslav Manucharov now often criticizes Ivan Urgant. However, the latter does not remain in debt. The other day he ridiculed Manucharov and his show: “As part of countering and fighting against the incessant baseless and indiscriminate attacks against me by radical parodists, I announce the start of filming for my new author’s TV show with the title provisional Vanyucci’s empathy”.

Urgant joked that his new show would be “an honest conversation with the most sincere person.” “The requirement for the guests remains the same: the guest must have a mouth. Just in case, I inform you that the choice of the guests, the questions and the image of the presenter are fully coordinated with the management of the Grandfather’s Corner Theater Durov,” added the 44-year-old showman.

Seeing this statement, Manucharov was seriously offended. “Dear Ivan Andreevich, I always try to respond to comments from viewers of my program … Recently, you are also one of them. Fortunately, now you have a lot of free time, and you can spend it for the benefit of intellectual and moral development. With this comment yours with an obvious claim to wit, you again demonstrated your tense relationship with a sense of humor. And this, Ivan, is the first sign of intelligence, “Vyacheslav noted.

Then he said: “With such tickets, you have every chance to go to Israel on an erotic journey on foot for 40 years.”

The public skirmish of the showmen also touched Yana Poplavskaya, whom Urgant ridiculed not so long ago. The actress, as is known, urged not to return Urgant to the air. “Iván decided that Evening Urgant made him a unique presenter of a special project that never was and never will be. And the joke about Vanyucci’s empathy. Whoa, Vanya! Well, really, terribly embarrassed!” wrote the actress.

By the way, now Urgant does not appear on television. The showman now earns exclusively at corporate parties.

Earlier, a friend of the artist Garik Martirosyan announced unprecedented pressure on Ivan. He said the public urges Urgant to openly express his civic position. According to him, people have every right to be interested in the point of view of famous people about what is happening in the country and in the world and ask them pertinent questions. It’s just that, as Garik emphasized, celebrities are not required to respond if they don’t deem it necessary. “You can ask to speak, but in response a person cannot do anything. This is not part of his duties,” Martirosyan said. He is convinced that the desire to respond or not depends on many factors. If Urgant still does not want to talk, it is not worth constantly pestering him with this question, believe the celebrity.

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