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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Yekaterinburg ranks fourth in the country in terms of construction volume – 3.6 million square meters are in operation KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 03:01:45

According to the bnMAP.pro resource, the capital of the Urals today ranks fourth in the country in terms of construction volume – 3.6 million square meters are under construction. More only in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. Last year, the city provided 1.59 million, more than one space for each resident. The Middle Urals is also fourth in terms of the number of completed share deals. There are only three times less apartments for sale here than in the capital, while the difference in the population is huge – 1.5 million people against 13. And in comparison with Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg is completely ahead of the curve: you have 3 more transactions. with new buildings .6 and 4.7 times, respectively.

It would seem that the mortgage as an incentive acts in all regional markets in the same way, in fact, the reaction is very different

– It seems that the mortgage as an incentive acts in all regional markets in the same way, in fact, the reaction is very different. There are others growing: Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Kazan. And there are others that are reduced: Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg. Against this background, Yekaterinburg is quite stable, it is not by chance that we see the arrival of new developers in the city, – Mikhail Khorkov, head of the analytical department of the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers (RGUD), comments on the situation. . – In addition, Yekaterinburg closes the top three largest markets in terms of sales per capita. In the first place here is Krasnodar, where there is a strong influx of migrants, in the second place is Tyumen, which is growing quite quickly due to young people.

Now 2.1 million square meters of housing are being built in Tyumen. In 2022, 993,000 apartments were commissioned and 15,866 apartments were sold, and this is for 828,000 people. The average cost of a square was 108,079 rubles, having increased by 19.8 percent over the year, notes analyst Alexandra Ryaposova. However, this is not the highest price in Russia. According to the Domclick service, a buyer in Krasnodar will pay 134 rubles per square meter, in Kazan – 167, in St. Petersburg – 218. Yekaterinburg is average – 120 thousand. Experts consider this an advantage in today’s environment: the city is still attractive to move to.

The reverse side of a large construction site is the formation of a “warehouse” of unsold apartments. Enters Yekaterinburg 1.5 million square meters per year, and sells about a million. Before the New Year, 41.7 thousand residential premises at various stages – from excavation to commissioning – were considered unsold, in January their number dropped to 40 thousand. Analysts believe that the peak has already been passed and suggest focusing on a different figure: out of 40,000 apartments, only 4,200 were commissioned. Now, if this figure starts to rise, investment in the next stages of residential developments may slow down.

The fact that there is no single correct strategy during the prime mortgage period is confirmed by sales statistics.

– After the launch of the incentive programs during the pandemic, there were suggestions that the only trend was the simplification of housing and maximum compactness. Many have gone this way. Thus, TEN has increased its offer in the mass segment (the average area of ​​flats sold is 37 square meters) and has significantly increased sales, maintaining quality and territorial diversity. LSR Company also relied on ultra-compact and most affordable housing and remained in the top three in terms of contracts entered into, but not in terms of area sold (an average of 29 square meters per object). At the same time, those who build more spacious housing also entered the top 5: UMMC-Builder (65 square), Atomstroykompleks (61), Forum Group (60), says Mikhail Khorkov.

Recently, the RG journalist had the opportunity to witness a dispute between two directors of construction companies about the role of studies in the real estate market. If Vladimir Kritsky sees nothing wrong with small-sized apartments (given the general decline in solvency, this allows people to find a roof over their heads and only then set a goal of expansion), then Viktor Ivanisenko is critical of this. Format. In his opinion, 17 studios on the floor is a hostel. Each family is one car, which means parking is needed, but there is not enough space. In fact, someone lives well at the expense of neighbors.

I wonder what the townspeople will think about it. According to bnMAP.pro, in the structure of transactions in 2022, almost 60 percent were occupied by studios and one-bedroom apartments, but if you look at the area, their share is less – 43 percent. Fortunately, we do not build “under-apartments” of seven square meters, as in Moscow, the main product on the market is two-bedroom housing.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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