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Friday, December 8, 2023
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You can now verify the authenticity and expiration date of products through “State Services”

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:43:23

The level of counterfeit products in the dairy sector has literally decreased from January 2022 to today, from 30 to 4%

Photo: Denis KORABLEV

A little more and our whole life will seamlessly move to the portal of government services or its mobile application. And soon digital documents will be able to be presented there. I got to the store, realized I had forgotten my passport and the cashier wasn’t knocking the beer. It doesn’t matter: you can go to the Gosuslugi mobile app and show the cur code from there. And that’s it: the cashier did not break the law and you did not leave empty-handed.

But this is not all the functionality. Recently, another useful option has appeared in the application: checking the authenticity of products. For several years now, labeling has been spreading in Russia.

– Since 2019, Russia has had a national product labeling system called “Honest Sign”. To do this, a special graphic symbol, similar to a QR code, is placed on the packaging, which encrypts basic information about the product and information about certificates, explains the Ministry of Digital Development.

At first, the authorities focused on expensive or relatively rare products (fur coats and tires) and then launched themselves into the mass market. In particular, they began labeling medicines, dairy products and water. First of all, to whiten these markets and guarantee consumers that they buy a proven, high-quality product.

– The total effect of labeling until the end of 2022 was estimated at an additional 435 billion rubles. Here’s what the budget raised and what additional legal firms earned. For example, the level of counterfeit products in the dairy sector has literally decreased from January 2022 to today, from 30 to 4%. Almost ten times. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, we see that the dairy industry paid record taxes to the budget. This means that he earned much more than in previous years,” explained Revaz Yusupov, deputy general director of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT), operator of the “Honest Sign” system, in a recent interview with KP.

Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to check how the new feature works.

– First, I download the “Government Services” application to my phone. It is available in all mobile app stores; It hasn’t even been removed from the AppStore (just shhh, don’t tell Blinken). If you already installed the app, you need to update it. Then the new function will appear.

– I find the inscription “goskan” in the upper right corner. Actually, that’s all. You can go check all the products that are marked with a CUR code (see “By the way”).

– We take the merchandise. Click on the “goscan” icon (to do this you must give access to the phone’s camera; this notification will appear automatically). And we point the camera at the cur code.

– The system provides information immediately. That is, what type of product is it? Has it been tested and how long is it good for?

– Depending on the scan results, the app will display one of three states. Green: everything is fine. Grey: sold item. If you did not purchase it or there are other inconsistencies in the description, you can report a violation in the Honest Sign app. Red: The authenticity of the product has not been verified or the system has detected other violations, for example, the expiration date has expired.


What products can be checked?

– medicines

– dairy products

– water

– shoes, fur coats and outerwear

– tobacco

– light industrial products

– cameras and flash lamps

– perfumes and eau de toilette

– Dietary supplements, antiseptics and wheelchairs.

– wheels and tires

Where to complain?

You can leave a complaint directly in the application. For example, if the product is expired. And if there is no special mark on a product from the list, you can file a claim in the “Honest Sign” application. Installs separately.

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