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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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“You don’t need to starve yourself”: Dr. Sibirsky explained how to prepare for the New Year’s party KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 01:28:25

“There are so-called cyclical fluctuations in the intensity of biological processes in the body. This is called circadian rhythms. This is a very important process that regulates, among other things, the production of sleep hormones, hormones and enzymes of the digestive system. , the production of insulin and many other vital factors in the body, which are aimed at keeping us awake, active and eating during the day for a source of energy, and at night so that we can sleep, – explains Dr. Sibirsky. – As for New Year’s Eve, you can not be hungry in advance in order to overeat later at the festive table without consequences. He can’t sleep before tonight, because he’ll still be sleepless. cannot make reserves of sleep in the body. Everyone perfectly understands that on New Year’s Eve you will have to stay awake longer than usual, so in the middle of the day from 14-16 o’clock it makes sense to rest a little, but not you need to sleep more than this interval, otherwise a person will disturb the system of wakefulness and sleep that exists in the body.

Of course, people must be guided by common sense and proceed from their physical abilities, says the specialist.

“If a person has chronic diseases, then for him New Year’s Eve stress should be minimized. It probably makes sense to make his diet easier before the New Year and on New Year’s Day. There is no need to starve on Absolutely, this is not a very healthy state, it is stress, tension systems, – explains Vladimir Sibirsky – Knowingly leaving yourself a large and heavy meal in the evening is, of course, harmful for everyone There should be light food, the processing of which will not take a lot of time and effort from the enzymatic system: if at 12 o’clock you start eating fried lamb and drinking vodka, this will not affect anyone’s benefit and pleasure, but if you go out at 12 o’clock, then go to the skating rink , go for a walk, drink tea with some kind of light snack, then, of course, it will be a feast for the body.

How much alcohol you can afford is another story (although in recent years the proportion of convinced teetotalers has been growing among young people).

“As for alcohol, everyone is guided by their preferences, but alcoholism plus heavy fatty foods is not good for the body, so you have to think about the products and also the alcoholic beverages that will be on the table. table one way or another. in advance, “advises Sibirsky. “Better if it is light drinks: champagne, prosecco, dry wine, of course, in very moderate quantities. Of course, a common sense late-night party shouldn’t last all night. Otherwise, it turns into hypertensive crises, atrial fibrillation. Such exacerbations are triggered by a sleepless night, overeating and alcohol.”

Viktor Sibirsky also believes that it is advisable to stock up on enzyme preparations that facilitate digestion. “There are a lot of such drugs, and during the New Year’s party it will not hurt anyone to help their enzyme system, pancreas and, first of all, the liver to more easily digest food,” advised Dr. Sibirsky.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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