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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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You fight or you shave your beard: Will private cars, pills and frontline bristles really be banned?

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 23:09:27

Military correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alexander Kots.

Photo: personal archive

Heard a story here the other day. As if the leaders of one of the military districts of a huge country, which has been conducting intense military operations for almost a year, set out to make the troops entrusted to it look good. And for the sake of this, they stormed the front lines of the special operation with inspections. And there, dear mother, the fighters dress as they like, there are no waffle towels on the benches, the soldiers are not all shaved, they draw some kind of maps on smartphones and rush between positions in civilian cars at a breakneck speed.

Angry, gossips say, the authorities did not appreciate the freedom to interpret the Charter and ordered the military to no longer wear beards, to look only at paper maps or push-button telephones, and civilian cars, donated for good people and volunteers. , put in the military records, without which to drive SUVs prohibited from now on.

They took under the hood who was supposed to, and well, let’s gut the people tired of fighting at checkpoints and border crossings. And what to do: such work, order. “Where is your VKPO?” – They stick to the military at the checkpoint. And he, the all-season field uniform ensemble, hasn’t met eyes since the beginning of the NWO. Why is our right side worse? “What do you need a tablet for? Have you heard about the ban on the use of devices with advanced multimedia capabilities? So you can’t launch a helicopter with a field phone after all. And so the nerves that you arrive at the first line upset are exhausted. And then there is a van of volunteers, to which you attached a mortar, they strive to take away: “Where are your black numbers?”

Such tales are now roaming the Internet and Telegram channels and excite honest fighting people. Well, how will a big boss take a car with black numbers? And how did they tease his beard there in Moscow? They do not undermine the defense. And the offensive functions are influenced in a purely positive way, they give courage. After all, warmer with a beard, not the month of March.

And I think it’s all stories. After all, the real command, first of all, should not think about facial hair, but about how to provide units on the front line with reconnaissance, communications, drones, sniper systems, thermal imagers, vehicles with increased cross country, normal hot food and mobile toilets so the beard can be trimmed and washed. And then all the same gossips say that in other positions people did not smell shampoo for a month.

But seriously, order, of course, is necessary in the army. Included in the field of transport. But if a car is already registered to a reconnaissance operator or UAV and it is not a pity that it performs tasks on personal transport, why should you interfere with this? It is better to help with fuel, which they often take on their own.

And talking about beards in the front is somewhat embarrassing. Let’s start, for example, with Akhmat. Or we can decide better: should we fight or shave our beards?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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