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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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“Your mustache has come off”: what Shufutinsky, Timati and Ovechkin look like without a beard

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 06:55:34

Timati lost facial hair.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

When the neural network learned of the existence of celebrities, the celebrities were shocked: it must be treated so freely with its incomparable appearance! Slender people – for plumping, fat women – for weight loss, and fans of plastic surgery – to return natural cheeks, wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

All these ruthless photo experiments have already been carried out by the KP.RU website. And now artificial intelligence and the hand of the designer have reached the famous mustaches and bearded men, depriving them of a reason for pride and leaving barbers out of work. Peace of mind: our fantasies did not affect the actual unemployment rate in any way.


Where have you seen rappers without tattoos, chains and brutal beards? In addition, Timati has his own hairdresser for the care of vegetation, where the tanks are adjusted to the millimeter. “I signed a contract with Black Star, not with Gilette, because there is no better beard for a man,” the rapper read many years ago and since then he has not changed. Now we know why: with a clean face, the mobster from the house show would turn into an ordinary chubby.


Leonid Yakubovich.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

In the three decades that Leonid Arkadyevich has appeared on the screen on a Friday night, the TV presenter’s fluffy mustache has become his hallmark. And yet – a mandatory condition of the contract. Like the good mustachioed man he was so fond of the audience that it is strictly forbidden to change Yakubovich’s appearance. But the star is also a person, maybe he wants to get rid of the brush under his nose for a long time? Even if it is at the cost of the branded cunning, which the artist lost along with the vegetation…


Philip Kirkorov.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

The king of pop, resigned to his noble gray hair, categorically refuses to age with his face: he resorts to plastic surgery and makeup, and not a single silver hair remains in his beard. Philip’s dislike for a razor seems to be explained simply: the beard is excellent camouflage for a double chin and a broad, oval face. Men, how lucky you are!


Ilya Averbukh.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

The demiurge of the “Ice Age”, whom the frivolous Danya Milokhin called “an adult bearded uncle”, no longer imagines himself clean-shaven. Although at one time the athlete’s beard became a real revolution in figure skating, where rosy cheeks and the complete absence of a beard were considered good shape. Averbukh “overgrown” specifically to look older. But at 49, and besides, with a young wife (“daddy’s daughter” Liza Arzamasova), it is not a sin to rejuvenate. A couple of clicks, and minus ten years.


Mikhail Shufutinsky.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

Shaving Mikhail Zakharovich’s beard is the same as taking “September 3” from him. But it is painfully curious for our neural network to see the “zeroed” Shufutinsky, who seemed to have already been born with a beard. They say that once the singer lost an argument and had to shave, however, he sacrificed his word for the sake of his usual image. It seems that the chansonnier knew what he was doing: his bald skull suits him much more than his cheekbones, which, as it turned out, flow smoothly down his neck. Let’s rewind right now!

Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

Alexander the Great, as hockey fans called him, intimidates the enemy not only with a stick. A shaggy beard, broken teeth – it’s hard to imagine what the goalkeeper feels when the Russian striker from “Washington” rushes at him. And Ovechkin could turn into such a modest handsome man if he used a machine tool. But this is no longer our Ovi, but the manager of the month on the car dealer’s board of honor…


Vladimir Mashkov.

Photo: VALIULIN nail

In recent years, the actor headed the theater of Oleg Tabakov, almost stopped acting in films and … merged with a beard – they say that he can finally afford such a luxury in exchange for endless role experiments. The frost on Mashkov’s cheeks reminds him that this year the artist will be 60 years old. And without frost – only 45! But with glasses, just in case, artificial intelligence still made sure.

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