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Your passport shows a false age: how to know the truth

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 16:36:54

ECG is included in the “gold standard” of preventive examination of the heart and blood vessels

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Every year we hear news about the sudden death of famous men in their prime, in their 40s and 50s. Everyone has a heart attack. So TV presenters Sergei Dorenko and Mikhail Zelensky, artist Yuri Shatunov, politician Nikita Isaev passed away. Recently, the 46-year-old Deputy Minister of Science, the husband of the singer Diana Gurtskaya, Petr Kucherenko, died suddenly. What can cause sudden cardiac arrest? At what age and what examinations should one undergo to maintain health and prolong life? We talked about this with one of the leading Russian scientists and cardiologists, director of the AA Ostroumov Hospital Therapy Clinic of Sechenov University, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MD. Yuri Belenkov.


– Yuri Nikitich, now cardiac and vascular surgeries are being performed, which a decade ago seemed fantastic. There are core medications that literally work wonders. And at the same time, cardiovascular diseases rank first among all diseases from which people die prematurely. Because?

– I want to immediately note that mortality from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in our country continues to decline. In the 90s of the last century, it was wild – about 56% of all causes of death. Now – 45%. On average, between 800,000 and 900,000 people a year die from CVD. In peak years it was 1.2-1.4 million, now the death rate is roughly at the level of the quiet 70s. But she is very tall.

Because? On the one hand, there are great advances in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases that were once deadly. On the other hand, thanks to advances in medicine, people began to live longer. And with age, processes develop in the body that lead to vascular damage. Also, the speed of adverse changes in different people can differ markedly. That is why we say that age is not in the passport, but in the head (mental part) and in the glasses. Your condition is the most important indicator of biological age. It happens that formally a person is old. And he is active, cheerful, hardworking. But it happens that the young biologically is already a ruin, old man.

– And such a young man can no longer be helped? Are adverse changes in blood vessels irreversible or can modern medicine correct them?

– We have powerful drugs that at least stabilize the state of blood vessels. This helps prevent further deterioration.


How to know how young your arteries are

– There is a fairly simple and effective method – to determine the propagation velocity of a pulse wave (PWV), – says Academician Belenkov. – The doctor, using sensors, controls the time of passage of such a wave in the vessels in various parts of the arm. If the vessel is dense, rigid (and the older, the denser), then the speed is higher, because the blood moves faster.

At a younger age, the speed of the pulse wave is lower, because the softer and more flexible vessel expands somewhere, the diameter changes. The density of the vascular wall correlates with biological age quite accurately.

From the Editor: These types of tests are performed in sports medicine clinics, cardiology, and multidisciplinary medical centers. Studies show that an increase in OPWV of 1 m/s from 8 m/s is associated with a 14% increased risk of cardiovascular events and a 15% increase in cardiovascular disease mortality.


– The second reason for the high mortality from cardiovascular diseases is that, unfortunately, they are getting younger, – continues Dr. Belenkov. – 50 years ago, when I began my career in cardiology, scientists and physicians for the first time began to build a system of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In the United States, not far from Washington, is the city of Framingham. And there a unique thing was done: the doctors examined all the inhabitants, about 20 thousand, from infants to the very old. They were diagnosed with vascular atherosclerosis and other pathologies. Only then did computers appear. The scientists entered all the data, and the machine produced an unbiased pattern: The most important risk factor for heart disease is being male. The second factor is age over 65 years. Also: high cholesterol, smoking, hypertension, low physical activity.

What has happened since then? The risk group has become much younger. At first I was 65 years old, then 45, today – 35 years old. That is, already at this age, a man who wants to live a long time should go to a cardiologist. Even if he plays sports and leads a healthy lifestyle. Because, in addition to lifestyle, there is also genetics. Those metabolic characteristics that mom and dad transmit to us have a significant impact on cardiovascular diseases. It is necessary to inform the doctor if the father, mother, stroke, uncle had a heart attack, etc. For the doctor to assess all the risks. We carry out a check-up, we examine the patient. We draw up the so-called “sanitary passport” and give recommendations.

The risk group has become much younger

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What is included in the “gold standard” preventive examination of the heart and blood vessels

Professor and cardiologist Yuri Belenkov asks that men from the age of 35 undergo these controls every year, women from the age of 40.

– ECG. According to him, one can suspect, in particular, heart rhythm disturbance, myocardial hypertrophy, aneurysm.

– Pressure measurement. “At the slightest suspicion of hypertension, we do a 24-hour follow-up (a cuff is placed on the arm, and a small compressor in the device pumps air every 30 minutes, and the device measures the pressure and remembers it). Because a person may not feel border pressure, ”explains Dr. Belenkov.

– Ultrasound of the heart.

– Ultrasound of the carotid arteries.

– Blood test for glucose, cholesterol.

– Urinalysis (the glomerular filtration rate, creatinine, glucose, protein is determined).

“Also, if necessary, based on the examination, questioning the patient, we prescribe stress tests to check the work of the heart,” adds the doctor. “Based on the results, we decide: we start preventive or therapeutic measures, or we tell the person: now everything is in order, come back in a year.”

From the publisher: Most of these tests are included in the free clinical exam. Details about it – in the “Health” section on KP.RU.


– Yuri Nikitich, the man lives, works, everything seems to be in order, and suddenly – cardiac arrest. Why did this happened?

– In fact, there are not so many cases of real sudden death. When you start dealing with relatives or with the patient himself, if you manage to resuscitate him, it turns out that the person was really sick. For example, they remember: “My left shoulder hurt and I thought I had blown it off.” Or: “it happened that for no reason it darkened in the eyes”.

In young people, the cause of sudden death is most often hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a congenital disease of the myocardium, heart muscle. – Ed.) – mainly because of this, schoolchildren die in physical education classes. In general, the most common classic cause of sudden cardiac arrest is arrhythmia.

– Is it possible to somehow recognize such violations, are there at least some precursors?

– Unfortunately, it is difficult to diagnose the causes of sudden death in advance. The regular dispensary won’t help here. In-depth examinations are needed. In practice, we advise you to watch out for any pain that disappears immediately after cessation of physical activity or after taking a nitroglycerin tablet (it dilates blood vessels. – Ed.). It can be pain in the abdomen, in the back, arm, right, left shoulder blade – they are all characteristic of heart disease. You have to see a cardiologist. And like I said, be sure to say what cardiovascular diseases your family members had. Heredity plays an important role.


Is Monday the day of the heart attack?

Recently, a study was published indicating that cardiovascular accidents are more likely to occur on Mondays. Because?

– What comes before Monday? Saturday and Sunday. What are we doing these days? Roadside picnics, barbecues and libations. It is not alcohol itself that has arrhythmogenic and spasmodic effects (then there would be seizures on weekends), but its breakdown products, aldehydes. They are formed only on Mondays, – explains Yury Belenkov.

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