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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Yulia Menshova found out about the scandalous details of Alla Pugacheva’s terrible trick

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 08:32:30

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Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

A few years ago, the choreographer Miguel reported that he had stopped working with Alla Pugacheva. Then the artist did not go into the details of the scandal at the “Christmas Meetings”, which influenced his decision. However, the other day, in a frank interview with Yulia Menshova, a man spoke about his disappointment with Primadonna.

The choreographer Miguel shared the details of the scandal with the singer Alla Pugacheva in 2012. After an argument, they stopped talking. But a few years ago, the artists worked together on the project “Christmas Meetings”. But, according to Megel, Alla Borisovna behaved arrogantly. She didn’t like it.

Miguel admitted that he was disappointed in the star. During rehearsals, a situation arose after which the man could not stand it. “I was shocked when all this happened. It erased everything. It directly affected those people who were on the team,” lamented the choreographer on the air of the YouTube show “Menshova herself.”

The choreographer did not describe in detail the terrible trick of Pugacheva with the cameras turned on. But after filming, she shared a secret with Yulia Menshova. Now the actress is aware of all the details of the scandalous incident.

It is worth noting that in previous interviews, Megel told how Primadonna rudely scolded all the participants in the event, like naughty children. “I was the director of his last “Christmas Meetings” and suddenly “ran into a wall of misunderstanding”, as the heroine of Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko said in the film “Love and Doves”. At the end of the work I said: “Alla Borisovna, that’s it, never again,” shared the dancer.

Miguel hinted that the Primadonna could dictate her terms to others. “She is a queen, she allowed herself very indecent things. I don’t want to stir up the past, she was a long time ago. She Maybe she was crazy…”, said the choreographer.

According to him, “there was a can” in which he did not want to participate. “I saw those artists who were standing on stage with their heads down. Just a number of Russian artists that she scolds. All of them, absolutely!” the man confessed.

Puck Henry
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