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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Yulia Nachalova’s daughter: “Mom will always be a guide for me, but I want to be Vera Aldonina!”

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 05:49:10

Yulia Nachalova’s daughter Vera inherited her musical talent and the incredible beauty of her eyes.

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

Yulia Nachalova, who died four years ago, is growing up as a worthy replacement: the 16-year-old daughter of the singer Vera inherited her musical talent and the incredible beauty of her eyes. Vera sings, plays in the theater and is already performing on the big stage. She very soon she will sing on the stage of the Kremlin Palace on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge. By the way, this year Nachalova’s successor will go to the last class. Vera rarely gives interviews, but she made an exception for KP.RU.

– Vera, how and where did you spend the summer?

This summer has been very busy for me. I spent part of my vacation with my dad (football player Yevgeny Aldonin-ed.) And his family in Turkey. Swim, sunbathe, read and just relax. For our family, trips to the Voronezh region and the Krasnodar Territory mean a lot. Voronezh is the mother’s birthplace, Apheronsk is the hometown of Tai’s grandmother. In the Kuban, we are always warmly welcomed by relatives, including my second cousin Evelina, to whom I became a godmother.

Vera sings, plays in the theater and is already performing on the big stage

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– How often do you see your dad?

– I rarely see my dad, especially during the school year, because of his work and mine.

– Surely, you are often compared with your mother? How do you react to this?

– I am very proud of my mother, both as a person and as an artist. In no case am I afraid of her comparisons with her, but, on the contrary, I am glad of them. But I would not like to become a simple copy of my mother. She was unique, no one can repeat her. And I don’t think that’s true either. I have yet to go my life and creative path. And my mother will always be a guide for me, a source of pride and an absolute teacher of her trade, whom I will admire.

– What advice from your mother still helps you in life?

– If you take on any business, then you need to do it right and bring it to the end.

The next performance of Vera Aldonina will take place in the State Kremlin Palace

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– You have been singing for a long time, playing in the theater, performing on stage (including with godmother Larisa Dolina). Tell us, what project are you working on right now?

– My next performance will take place in the State Kremlin Palace. I take part in a concert dedicated to Knowledge Day. To date, there are quite a few proposals, and some of them interested me. But it is too early to talk about this.

– Who is your producer or director now?

– At the moment my team is my grandparents, with whom I live. I am very grateful to you.

Now Vera lives with her grandparents.

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– Does the godmother Larisa Dolina give you any advice about the voice or how to behave on stage? Do they see each other often?

– Yes, definitely. We even did a duet. We performed the song “Phonebook” on the stage of the “Crocus City Hall”, where in April of this year Larisa Alexandrovna celebrated the 50th anniversary of her creative activity. I was very pleased to participate in such a great event. Of course, she gives advice, suggests some nuances that will be useful to me on stage. In general, to be around and see how such a professional artist works is already an invaluable lesson. Given our workload, we don’t see each other often, but on important dates for us we are always there. For example, every year my school “Integration Siglo XXI” holds reporting concerts at the MIDM. And this year the godmother came to support me. Is very pretty!

– Besides creativity, do you have any hobbies?

– If we talk about sports hobbies, then in the lower grades I went skating at school. And now, in the New Year season, I can easily master a trip to the skating rink with friends. And this summer I had some tennis lessons that I really liked. As a child, I played tennis every summer when I spent my vacation in the Crimea with my grandmother Lena. I also draw, design costumes for school theater productions and costumes for some of my performances; all my hobbies are somehow related to creativity.

– Vera, you have a natural beauty. Unlike his classmates, she doesn’t rush to do eyelashes, prick her lips, and grow hair. Share your beauty secrets.

– I have no secrets. From the age of 8 or 9, when my mother went on tour, I went to her room and put on my makeup. I applied it in such a way that it was not always possible to wash it off the first time. Now I’m still training. In my opinion, the most important thing is to consider the beauty in oneself without makeup and other adornments. It’s not always easy. After all, we all have bad days when we look at the world, at ourselves, and at the people around us in a completely different way than usual. The main thing is not to get lost among these gray days, even if it is very difficult to look for beauty and love in oneself.

– Do you wear makeup in everyday life?

– Yes, I paint quite often. I like to experiment with different looks and colors. The brightness of the makeup depends on the event you are going to. However, even without makeup, I feel confident.

The girl likes to experiment with different looks.

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– Did you go to the last class? Do you have favorite items? What grades are you studying for?

– Yes, that’s right, in the last class. Perhaps the favorite lessons at school have remained unchanged for many years – literature and English. And my grades vary. Basically, I’m a good girl.

– You have a best friend?

– I have some close girlfriends and friends.

– Probably the boys from school are running after you! Do you like someone?

– Now at school only exams will follow me (smiles).

– Have you thought about which institute you want to go to? What do you want to become?

– I consider, first of all, theater universities, but with a musical focus. There are options that I really like, but so far I’m afraid to guess.


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