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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Yuri Bashmet: “The most important thing is not to end the game in a shitty state”

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 03:13:50

Yuri Bashmet celebrates his birthday. Photo: RCA Press Service

Music lovers have a tradition. On January 24 they go to Yuri Bashmet’s birthday. The famous musician is used to celebrating his holiday on stage. The teacher’s 70th birthday, which is coming up this year, will be no exception.

On the eve of the event, the musician gathered journalists at a press conference in TASS. He seemed cheerful and a little nervous.

– I have a dissonance, – explained Bashmet. I can’t imagine I’m already seventy…

– But, you look good and young at heart, – the journalist was supported by the musician.

– Yes, until he canceled concerts due to old age, – agreed the hero of the day without five minutes.

It was not the first year that Bashmet, together with the concert director Dmitry Grinchenko, gathers the press on the eve of each birthday to announce: What the concert program will be, they will not say.

So it was this time.

– I am for improvisation, – said Yuri Abramovich.

– Come – you yourself will hear everything, – as Grinchenko interrupted.

According to scant information, the concert will take place in the Tchaikovsky State Concert Hall, it will be extremely unusual, unlike anything else. It will be possible not only to see it, but also to touch it, but for this something must be earned, and the whole team is now fighting for this “something” together with the director Viktor Kramer.


The anniversary concert will be a key event of the Fourth International Winter Arts Festival in Moscow, which has already started and will last until February 11.

As for the rest of the program of the Moscow Winter Festival, the speakers spoke more extensively. Among the pleasant surprises are the foreigners represented by the Italian tenor ensemble Tenores di Bitti, who speak Canto-a-tenor, a unique and very ancient type of singing that exists only in Sardinia and is included in the World Heritage List of the Unesco.

– We ask the Italians if they realize what can happen on the occasion of their arrival. But the Italians said that everyone perfectly understands and that it is very important for them to perform with us, – Dmitry Grinchenko admired the courage of the musicians.

Also at the festival will be the premiere of the play “The Living and the Dead” based on Simonov’s novel; the artist Yevgeny Mironov will perform in an unusual project dedicated to Gorky and Grieg (it turns out that the former loved the music of the latter!). A large project dedicated to the anniversary of Rachmaninov will take place on the GES-2 site. The festival will end on February 11 with a concert in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, where the All-Russian Youth Orchestra will perform Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony.

In the intervals between the announcement of the program, Yuri Abramovich talked a lot about the secret. He talked about how he introduced his daughter Ksyusha to music. He waved when asked about his grandchild: “I don’t know how things will end there.” And when asked if he, a great musician, had unsuccessful concerts, he recalled his teacher’s will: “The bird did its job and flew away. And the main thing for a musician is not to finish playing in a mess.” Express.”


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