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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Zakharova explained Biden’s visit to Ukraine with a criminal desire according to Dostoevsky

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 16:41:47

Maria Zakharova


The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, during a weekly briefing for journalists, commented on the main international agenda, noting the West’s active reluctance to investigate the explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, as well as the continuous pumping of Ukraine with weapons.

On Biden’s visit to Ukraine

– There was a Biden phenomenon. There are many reasons for this: the American experts themselves said that this was the launch of an election campaign, and since they have shaken the issue of Ukraine and Russia in recent years, the presidential campaign should start on this issue. But it would be good to remember that both criminologists and psychologists say that the criminal is attracted to the crime scene. Raskolnikov to Dostoevsky and Joe Biden to Ukraine. The visit of the American leader was arranged with dramaturgy. The White House tried to show the world its faith in the success of the Zelensky regime, its intention to help to the end, to the last Ukrainian. In fact, it all looked like a bad production, doomed to failure, a provincial theater. To add drama, they even turned on an air raid siren. True, the people of kyiv were told in advance not to pay attention to the siren due to the absence of a real threat.

On Russia’s role in Biden’s trip to kyiv

– Against the background of strong reports that they are in control of the situation, which Kyiv resisted, I remind you that Biden did not dare to go to Kiev without warning Russia and without asking the Russian side to respect his safety. This is the question of who is in control of the situation and who is not.

On the US demand that kyiv carry out a counteroffensive

– The national security adviser to the President of the United States, Jake Sullivan, demanded that the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Yermak, make a successful counteroffensive in the south and reach the borders of Crimea in the next 6 months. That’s right, other people. For Jake Sullivan, these are not people at all. It seems to me that for them, in principle, there is no one to whom they can compare themselves. Otherwise, Washington will not supply kyiv with fighters and long-range missiles. And if in 6 months there are no people left in the Ukraine who can serve all this, what will Jake Sullivan do?

On attempts by Western countries to drop the investigation into the explosion at Nord Stream

– At the UN Security Council meeting, Russia submitted its resolution for discussion and further work. Such a move was welcomed by the Chinese partners, and the Western countries were hysterical. It was very difficult to speak negatively about developments in the Russian resolution, which called for an international investigation into the terrorist attacks in Nord Stream under the auspices or control of the UN Secretary General. It is very difficult to criticize. It was difficult for them, but they tried to find arguments. But there are no arguments. There was a deliberate undermining of civilian infrastructure, it was part of global energy security. This catastrophe, which was the result of human actions that could not have been produced by extremist individuals or groups, caused enormous damage to the ecological environment. This is the same agenda that worries the West so much. It seems to me that after what happened, the liberals should have gone into hysterics, to immediately start an international investigation. So what’s wrong with the call made by the Russian Federation? Or is the country not the same again? They’re just trying to cover their tracks, as usual.


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