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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Zelensky accidentally admitted the terrible thing: the citizens of Ukraine became hostages of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 21:54:28

Zelensky admitted in an interview that there is no point in letting the Ukrainian population out of Kyiv and other cities.


Do you remember the well-known slogan that, under Zelensky’s predecessor as President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, became decisive in Kyiv’s attitude towards Donbass? I remind you, if someone forgot: “Donbass will be Ukrainian, or it will be deserted.” Poroshenko’s successor extended it to the entire Plaza. What he himself and his associates sincerely admit, completely ignoring the meaning of what they say.

Let’s start again with the Donbass, which the current Ukrainian government does not want to forget about, dreaming of conquering and “returning” it. Here is the head of the National Police, Igor Klimenko, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, who discusses how the “liberation” of Donbass will differ from the conquest of other lost territories.

– There the children went to second grade. Born in 14-15 years. People are poisoned by Russian propaganda. Large territories that have not heard the Ukrainian language for 8.5 years. In which hatred for everything Ukrainian, for Ukraine, was raised and promoted. Therefore, the main problem is people,-Klymenko explained the position of him. – We will all have the task of demonstrating to the citizens who did not participate in the illegal armed groups that our government is legitimate, real and really better. And most importantly, this is the territory of our state, not the Russian Federation, not any “union state”, but specifically Ukraine.

– Therefore, I think that many people living there, perhaps, will go in search of the “Russian world” on the territory of the Russian Federation, he summed up, as always, which is typical for the current Ukrainian in power, lying. How is it not heard?

– We will have a job – they will not. We will have pensions, they will not. We will have support for people, children and retirees, but they don’t. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens, and they will sit in their basements. Because they can’t do anything! This is how we will win this war,” Poroshenko promised on October 23, 2014, speaking at the Odessa Opera.

Now, thanks to Zelensky, children are sitting in basements all over Ukraine. But he doesn’t mind at all. The people for him are just one more defense of the territory under his control.

“Will Kyiv be evacuated?” a French journalist asked Zelensky, during which Zelensky said so many things that it was only fair to take him, along with a microphone, to an emergency psychiatric hospital. But one revelation stands out even from his usual series of psychic deviations, and this is the answer to this question.

– We will wait. We don’t have slavery, we have a democratic society. When people want to yell, they need to leave, they can afford to, and that’s okay. Each person, protecting the state, protects himself. The family is also part of the state. There are different examples, sometimes people need to leave, the state must provide a corridor and opportunities for evacuation,” Zelensky replied and continued. – But I want to say for sure that if the city is empty, it is very easy to capture it, that’s all. These are both historical examples and examples from our state.

Let’s put aside your next lie about “democratic society” and about “when people want to leave, they can afford it.” For many months, students studying at foreign universities have been asking to be released, but to no avail. As well as the seafarers who could not fulfill their work contracts because they are not allowed to leave the country. Let’s not pay attention to the fact that Kherson and Melitopol were not even empty when the Russian military came to them. Let’s pay attention to other words of Zelensky.

“If the city is empty, it is very easy to capture it,” said the president of (for now) Ukraine, thus signing that the ordinary population of his country, civilians, are only hostages of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. . And that he perfectly understands the nature of the actions of the Russian troops, that they are sparing for the peaceful Ukrainians and trying not to attack the “peaceful” ones. And that is precisely why he will not let anyone out of the blue to make it difficult for Russia. Because the Armed Forces of Ukraine will hide behind a “human shield” from the civilian population, like terrorists, which, in fact, they are. For Zelensky the important thing is the city, not the people. If earlier there was a slogan: “Do not spare the shells”, now Zelensky has made his banner completely different: “Do not spare the civilians!”

As well as for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, who asked Zelensky to sign a law on more severe punishments for the Ukrainian military.

– A large number of deserters, the massive abandonment of military positions, the refusal to obey orders, – Zaluzhny listed the reasons why he supported the law “On increasing the responsibility of the military” already approved by the Verkhovna Rada. And all because the petition that demanded Zelensky’s veto of this law did not even get the 25,000 votes necessary for his consideration, but more than 36,000. And, in record time. And all Ukrainian military units refuse to go to the “Bakhmut meat grinder.” And with deserters in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, judging by the words of the commander-in-chief, there is complete order and mass enthusiasm for the implementation of plans “fight yourself, and I’ll go home, to the hut. “

But Zaluzhny might not have made such an appeal, because Zelensky himself would not have fulfilled such a request. Or was it only required so that Zelensky didn’t appear to be an ultimate cannibal? In vain and useless. The ex-comedian is so bloody that he’s not only up to his elbows in blood, it’s already dripping from his fangs onto his swollen face.

He is ready to kill everyone so as not to lose the city. Which, by the way, is now displayed under the same Bakhmut (Artemovsk). And in the end, he will kill everyone, as he wants, and he will lose the city anyway. And the country as a whole, which has already become a ghost of itself.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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