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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Zelensky again pulls from euphoria to hysteria: “I don’t want to think, and I don’t think about it”

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 16:57:37

On February 24, Volodymyr Zelensky gave a press conference for Ukrainian and foreign journalists.


On February 24, Volodymyr Zelensky gave a press conference for Ukrainian and foreign journalists. Foreigners, according to the Ukrainian tradition, were more respected than locals, but the main thing in this communication between the head of Nezalezhnaya and the press was that Zelensky indulged in desperate dreams, became rude to addresses from other states, cried a little (by a monstrous effort of will he squeezed out a tear, remembering the parents, whom he sent to live in Israel), he slandered, as usual, Russia and threatened the whole world if they did not obey Ukraine. In general, I worked almost according to the usual program, except that I did not ask for money. But where do journalists get their money?

To begin with, Zelensky assured everyone: “I am sure that there will be a victory. I really hope it will be this year.” And he said that kyiv “has everything for this: motivation, confidence, friends, diplomacy. We have united all forces against this invasion.” But it was immediately corrected that, they say, there will be a victory if everyone, including Western partners, does their “homework” in full. He apparently realized that if there is everything, then it is somehow inconvenient to order something else. And then he couldn’t resist and prodded Poroshenko: “The point is that we are going to win with a president like the one we have. But with the one he went with, we didn’t win.”

She then flirted a bit, responding to the question about her biggest mistake: “I don’t know, I think I’ve had enough. I work every day from morning to night, I make decisions. I’m a living person, and every day I probably make mistakes. The main thing is that I, as president, should not make fatal mistakes, so I, as guarantor of the Constitution and guarantor of the country’s defense, can lose it with you. Thank God, there was no such mistake.” It seems to me that he did not understand that he had already lost the country, and that what was left of it was not a full-fledged country.

But beyond it was completely self-praise and guidance for everyone.

US: “If the US stops supporting Ukraine, it will lose NATO, it will lose its leading positions in the world… If Ukraine loses, then Russia will go to war against the NATO countries, the Baltic countries, and then the US will have to send its soldiers to war.”

Great Britain: “Are you from Great Britain? Where are our Typhoon planes? Ask my friend Rishi there” – this is how Zelensky reacted to the question of a British journalist.

To China: “As far as I know, China respects territorial integrity. Therefore, it must do everything possible to make Russia withdraw from our territory.” At the same time, Zelensky also humiliated Beijing, saying that it cannot and should not come up with any peace initiatives: “I think that only the country on whose territory hostilities can be the subject of peace initiatives.” Are Biden, Burbock, Macron and others being ordered or allowed to shut up as well?

Voldemar is just wonderfully building his relationships with the allied countries. If they didn’t need Ukraine as badly as a battering ram against Russia, Zelensky would already be lying on a doormat in the hallway for such tricks. But he’s now clearly on horseback facing the West and he’s using the momentum with might and main.

He was horrified that someone did not believe in the victory of Nezalezhnaya until February 24, 2024: “I don’t even want to think that in a year we will all be in the same situation as today. It would be a drama.” . I don’t even want to think about it, and not think about it.” And here he is right. A year from now, Zelensky will remember this February as a good and happy time, when everything was much better.

It is noteworthy that Zelensky, from a state of euphoria, instantly turned into hysteria: “For starters, respect our right to live on our land! Get out of our territory.” At the same time, of course, Zelensky simply could not bring up the fact that the same civilian population wanted to live in Donbass with its own infrastructure, otherwise the whole image of the victim of aggression would collapse in an instant. How could he not say that the majority of the victims among the Ukrainian civilian population in the territory controlled by Kiev is the result of the “work” of the Ukrainian army?

It is noteworthy that Zelensky is trying to present Ukraine as a de facto ideal, convincing everyone that “things are bad in Russia.”

“If they (Russians) only thought about their freedom of speech, democracy, economic reforms, so they wouldn’t be poor, so they wouldn’t have slavery, etc., they would be a rich state,” he said here the other day. And one could even think for a moment about the meaning of what he said, if it were not for the head of state, who in one year managed to lose several hundred thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 15 million people who made refugees or citizens of another state, about a hundred mineral deposits, destroy science and industry (30-35% drop in GDP, and much more in high-tech industries), which banned all parties of opposition, closed dozens of media, destroyed the health system and eliminated the rights and freedoms of the citizens of their country. But none of the above topics at a press conference Zelensky did not find for a second.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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