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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Zelensky and Budanov compete in their drug fantasies

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:11:40

Head of military intelligence General of Ukraine Kirill Budanov

Drug addiction in Ukraine has acquired the character of a massive epidemic and a general disaster. I am not talking now about sleepyheads, but about thousands of videos, in which residents of evil in Kiev and Lvov, Zaporozhye and Odessa and other cities hang in ridiculous and absolutely impossible poses as a result of “arrival”, ignoring the law. of universal gravitation, or behave completely inappropriately.

Under the influence of substances, both members of Zelensky’s team from the highest echelons of power and Volodymyr himself, the (still) president of Ukraine, regularly speak out. And they do it publicly. Volodymyr recently appeared on Italian television and let out, no, not down his pants, but a tear. Gathering around him Italian journalists, he began to “cry” for the Crimea.

– Nothing remains of the beautiful natural treasure that was Crimea under Ukraine. There is no tourism and nothing at all. We have lost many years, – desperately playing with facial expressions (eyebrows, cheeks, forehead and even nose, this part of his face became unusually mobile due to regular inhalation exercises, although it is still far from the elephant’s trunk), Zelensky said that on the Russian peninsula everyone destroyed and left the locals without tourists. – It will take a long time to restore Crimea, Crimeans are Ukrainians! We will have to work very hard to return everything that the Russians destroyed there. Restoration is impossible without Ukraine. But we can, and Crimea will flourish again.

And he was so moved by his promise that he himself began to cry. Apparently, he believed in his own fantasies. The Italians looked at him with such concern, as ordinary people look at the mentally ill who suddenly find themselves in their company: compassionately wary, realizing that the main thing in dealing with psychopaths (as well as drug addicts) is not to argue with them. . , so as not to provoke uncontrollable reactions . Although they are clearly not ordinary bourgeois gathered in the studio, who can be hung by their ears indefinitely, and you know how things are in Crimea, where nothing has been built in 30 years of Ukrainian independence, but it has been destroyed a lot. But Zelensky really wanted Crimean rapans in retreat, and it seems that only sand crunched in his teeth.

However, the head of military intelligence, Ukraine’s General Kirill Budanov, also made him enviable competition. That the day before in an interview he gave free rein to his drug addict fantasy. Let’s put aside the “Nightingale political science professor” nonsense about Putin’s twins and triplets, about the dependence of the Russian leadership and, in particular, Ramzan Kadyrov on drugs, as well as his imminent “imminent death”. “. of diseases – this has really set teeth on edge, but the Ukrainians have been meekly “screaming what they are given” for more than a year. And not even two.

This time, Budanov was pinned down “bigly”, saying that the actual population of Rgoss is only 110 million people, the Russian army is large, but of poor quality, it does not know how to attack, but it defends poorly, and in In general, take only by quantity. At the same time, this child prodigy in uniform for some reason did not begin to say that the army grouping of the Russian Armed Forces in the NVO was and is many times smaller in terms of the number of fighters. Budanov also said that the people of Russia do not support the NWO, and that the Russian national elites are completely opposed to the NWO and already oppose the conflict, but they are trying to do it quietly, because they are afraid of the Kremlin. who has in his hands all the government threads of the country. Of course, the long ones.

There is nothing to say about the fact that the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence admitted that journalists, public figures and other civilians in Russia were killed by his agents and on his orders, there is nothing to say. This should have been of interest to the International Criminal Court, the UN, the states that are allies of the Independent, but none of Budanov’s confessions are of interest to any of them. Because they know it too well. And because Budanov in this case is his son of a bitch, whom some point to replace Zelensky. Although these words are the only truth of all that was said to him. And also the fact that he simply hates the Russians.

In general, the fantasies and delusions of drug addicts, which are treated very carefully in the West, so as not to harm the psyche, already destroyed by them. However, it can be stated that in the West, many are already beginning to approach Zelensky not only without reverence, but also quite sarcastically. For example, the main French radio station RTL France in its program compared the European tour of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “circus tent tours”. The presenter, comedian Laurent Guerra, said that Zelensky’s tour is “a circus that travels with his menagerie.” The “company of wild animals” included US President Joe Biden, the “annoying woman with a beard”, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the “marijuana concert artist”, President French, Emmanuel Macron.

– What cynicism and tactlessness, not inherent in the friendly French. No empathy, no responsibility. I demand an apology from my president and the people of Ukraine, who are suffering and fighting for their freedom, but also for their freedom and the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of life,” the Ukrainian ambassador to France, Vadim Omelchenko, was outraged. , on the social network Twitter. blocked network in Russia and demanded an apology. Well, I would have stopped there, because I also attached a link to the video snippet of the broadcast to my post.

Tell me, aren’t you a drug addict? A normal person would never “burn down the office”, making the scandalous fragment of the ether even more popular. And a drug addict always thinks that he is doing the right thing. Looks like they’re all drug addict clowns. And not the United States (the fact that they are abroad), but Europe will still have to bitterly, very bitterly regret that it once got involved with this big top.

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