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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Zelensky at the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12, 2023: Lebezil, rude and ruined

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:17:33

Negotiations between US Presidents Joseph Biden and Ukraine Zelensky


Biden and Zelensky meet at NATO summit

The NATO summit is over, but bilateral meetings are still taking place on the sidelines. One of them was the talks between the US presidents Joseph Biden and Ukraine Zelensky.

From the way the participants of this meeting settled in their chairs, it was immediately clear who of them was comfortable, and who was snuggling in someone else’s. Biden, despite his age, settled back comfortably, imposingly stretched out, but Zelensky curled up almost into a fetal position, covering his mouth with his hand and leaning over. This is how they were captured by photojournalists from the world’s leading media.

At the beginning of the meeting, Biden quipped: “Bad news for you, Mr. Zelensky: we’re not going anywhere, you’re stuck with us.” Rather, they tried to pass off this sentence as a joke, but a very serious statement was made in the form of a joke. Zelensky was told in this form that Ukraine will not go anywhere from the United States, they have come seriously and for a long time, and it only depends on Washington whether Ukraine will get stuck in the mud or will be dragged somewhere else. Zelensky, in response to this “joke”, only giggled and began to extol the praises of the United States and Biden personally.

“It seems to me that not all countries in the world have been critical of Russia enough,” Zelensky said, going on to express deep gratitude to the United States. – I want to thank the Americans, the support now is about 43 billion. I understand that this is all your money, but you spend it on the life of Ukrainians, on the life of Europeans.

Biden showed Zelensky his place

Biden began to rant that Ukraine had started to move towards NATO and that “NATO membership is a matter of next steps.”

Zelensky, though only mocked at the summit with this membership, began to fawn over Biden again.

– We also have a council (Ukraine-NATO – ed.), I think this is a great success and security guarantees, we started talking about this in kyiv, as you said. And now we see that you had a great idea about the G7, and I also know that there are countries that can join the G7 decisions, I think this will help a lot, they are very concrete decisions. Thank you, Zelensky addressed Biden himself at the end of his speech. But a few hours earlier, at a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, he publicly complained: “Regarding today’s meeting, we have no real security guarantees from our partners. I mean legal guarantees.” .

– Are you satisfied with what you received from NATO? You were so upset, so sad yesterday, the media staff asked.

– Thank you all, thank you. At the summit, we received security guarantees from our leaders, this is the success of the summit, this is my personal opinion”, the President of Ukraine again assured Biden of his loyalty, responding in such a way that yesterday’s Zelensky would have spat . today’s face

– President Zelensky, how soon after the end of the conflict would you like to join NATO? – Journalists continued to torment him.

– Thank you very much, – the addressee of the question could only find something to say, but then Biden unexpectedly interrupted Zelensky, who showed who is “the boss in the store.”

– One hour and twenty minutes. They are asking very significant questions,” Biden joked, getting angry and offering to expel the reporters. On this, communication with the press after this meeting ended, and Zelensky had to continue to express his gratitude to Biden already in a separate briefing.

How Zelensky got nasty on Ben Wallace

– The meeting is twice as long as planned and as significant as it should be. If protocol hadn’t stopped the meeting, we would have talked even more. All topics: continued support, weapons, politics, NATO, ”Zelensky said at a briefing and recorded this on his TG channel. – We clearly see how to end this conflict with our common victory.

And he described his meeting with Biden in Vilnius as “very good” and “strong”. Although he had to admit that he couldn’t tell when he would receive long-range US ATACMS missiles. There is no clarity with the US Abrams tanks promised by Washington. But as for the F-16, kyiv will most likely receive them not from the United States, but from those European countries where they are in service or in arsenals.

Apparently, Zelensky himself got so tired of his own glorifications of the United States and Biden that he could not contain himself at the briefing and began to be rude again, choosing as his target the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who advised Kiev not to be shy. and thank Western partners more often for military aid. The Briton previously told how in 2022 he spent 11 hours to get to kyiv and instead of “hello” he was immediately handed a list of weapons needed to get to Kiev.

– I told them: “you know, we are not Amazon,” Wallace tried to joke, and Zelensky did not cease to take offense at this “bloody snot”, which he threw from the podium, speaking at a briefing.

– I do not understand the question. We have always been grateful and we are always grateful. I just don’t know how else we should be grateful. We can wake up in the morning and thank the minister. Let him write to me how to thank, and I will thank him,” Zelensky snapped in this way to an absentee who obviously could not answer him, that London clearly remembered this. Zelensky’s talent for turning allies into enemies is really, as they say, undrinkable. When Ukraine’s Defense Minister Reznikov takes a beating from Wallace instead of a warm welcome, he should know who to thank.

Another moment after which the NATO countries, with the possible exception of Poland, breathed a sigh of relief, was Zelensky’s response to the question of whether foreign troops would be deployed in one state or another on the territory of Ukraine. The reason for this was the statements about the initiative expressed in Poland to deploy Polish peacekeeping units to Nezalezhnaya.

– As long as we are not in NATO, so that we have one or the other foreign armed forces. Our armed forces are sufficient, the only question is NATO-style specific modern weapons,” Zelensky replied, and here many NATO countries breathed a sigh of relief. Because they will surely remember this when Zelensky asks to bring in Western peacekeepers.

Zelensky came to Vilnius with a rude note and is leaving Vilnius with the same rude hysteria. We can say that the NATO summit bypassed it. Why is he angry?

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