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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Zelensky Closes the Door Again on Negotiations With Putin as Cross-Airstrikes With Russia Persist

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 15:21:20

Ukrainian Drones Crash Into a Russian Airfield and Putin Convenes the Security Council

“I never trust anyone who signs an agreement with Russia,” said the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski. He acknowledges that his country “will break” any agreement even though he knows that both parties’ positions are worlds apart. The cross bombs have intensified in the last day and there was a massive attack by Russian soldiers in the Kherson region on Tuesday. A Ukrainian shelling has left six dead in occupied Donetsk, while another was killed on Monday.

The Donbas frontlines have expanded, and fighting there has picked up. Today, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko offered the population reassurance: “Every day our combat zones become larger, the struggle gets harder, and the price continues to go higher.” Poroshenko promised that he would see them again “in a fully Ukrainian Donbas,” which completely changed his tone toward Crimea – once Russia illegally annexed it in 2014.

A new wave of massive attacks was launched on Tuesday by Russian troops in Kherson, the South of Ukraine. After a speech by Vladimir Zelensky, “they are bombarding the entire region massively with artillery and missiles,” according to police reports.

Sources reported that the recent cyberattacks on critical infrastructure were to cause the “greatest possible damage” and the goal was to cause casualties among the civilian population.

The Kyiv authorities confirmed this Tuesday that as many as 48% of the people in Kyiv and the surrounding region won’t be able to access power for three days.

More Attacks on Russian Territory

On Tuesday, there were more than six separate attacks that took place in Donetsk, a city in Ukraine. Three civilians were killed when their car was strafed from the sky and another three people died under Grad multiple rocket launcher systems strikes. The pro-Russian mayor of this city, Alexei Kulemzin, has assured that at least 10 attacks with these types of rockets occurred during yesterday’s bombardment and urged the citizens to remain in shelters at all times.

Though this is still a developing story, the Russian government says that around noon on Tuesday their objective was an airport located in the Kursk region and borders with Ukraine. “As a result of the drone attack, the aerodrome’s oil storage tank caught fire,” reported the local governor, Román Starovoit.

As of today, the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. The governor assured that there have been no injuries and that the fire could be controlled. Kursk airport was closed on February 24, when Russian troops began their invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is responding to the terrorist attack by claiming that they’ll take “appropriate measures” to protect their facilities. “The line of continuation of those terrorist attacks, openly declared by the Ukrainian regime, is a danger factor,” Russia’s Presidential spokesman said. Of course, we take it into account and take appropriate measures.

After the attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin convened the Russian Security Council this Tuesday. The focus of the discussion was “internal security” and it reflects Putin’s commitment to using all his means to protect Russia’s people and territory.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy is an associate editor for ePrimefeed covering latest news, economy and movie.

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