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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Zelensky continues to play the role of “merchant”: he recognized Russia’s advantage and said that Ukrainians are tired

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:51:45

Zelensky continues to assess the current situation with optimism.


That’s all. English, American, French and, it seems, even German journalists are gone. Or ask them to give them a break. President of Ukraine Zelensky began to put his meanings of the inflamed brain in the heads of Brazilian journalists and their readers, listeners and viewers.

An ordinary person would already have a headache and a numb tongue from fatigue due to the number of talks the President of Ukraine gives every day. But this is not Zelensky, who every time opens new “heights” of his perception of the world and the situation in Ukraine.

Yes, he admits, Ukrainians are tired. Well, I mean, how tired are you?

– You can see it in different ways. We are all people. And even when you go to work you love, you come home tired in the afternoon or evening. But this does not mean that in the morning you do not go to your job, which you respect, which you love, which you need so much,” he explained the tiredness of the population, but immediately highlighted that “the faith of the people in the Armed Forces The forces of Ukraine and by themselves they are not going anywhere.” – And the same with the defense of Ukraine.

Continue to evaluate the current situation with optimism.

“We are approaching an important agreement with the United States, and after we approve it in Congress – and I think we will still push it and positively approve it – we will reach a powerful agreement with the United States,” Zelensky said categorically and began to dream. – The aviation of France, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, it doesn’t matter who, will take to the skies in the territories of their states… If these planes, these planes will take off in the territory of their countries and shoot down missiles that, of course, They fly through Ukraine, but if they fly to these territories, as has already been recorded, I will only give them a standing ovation.

Zelensky is confident that the faith of Ukrainians in the Ukrainian Armed Forces has not disappeared.


Either he himself is a fool, or he considers others fools, or he is simply showing off in front of his own population, painting the candy wrappers of his dreams. It is clear that such actions will actually mean an attempt to introduce a no-fly zone, which without a corresponding resolution of the UN Security Council amounts to a direct declaration of war. Only a fool understands and knows this, but the President of Ukraine – probably, when this was explained to him, he was playing the piano…

Or he dreamed of joining NATO and the European Union, something he continues to dream about to this day.

– There is no way to distance ourselves from the civilized world, from our plans to join the European Union and protect our country. “No one is going to give up on this,” Zelensky told the Brazilians without hesitation. – These are speeches that come from Russia, that everything is bad in Ukraine and that the initiative is in the hands of the Russians. This is not entirely true. The Russians have weapons in their hands, the volume of which today is greater than that of our army. But this is not easy at this time. Vote for all the help, we will get this weapon step by step. We will not only count on it, but we will fight for it.

He did not explain why and why Brazilians should vote. Who knows, maybe he mistook them for Americans. Additionally, the US House of Representatives has just begun considering draft aid packages for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

And the fact that Ukraine is in a deplorable state is, of course, the fault of Russia and Putin, who are “very afraid” of Ukraine and Ukrainians. So much so that for 30 years they have put a brake on Nezalezhnaya’s wheels.

Zelensky still dreams of joining NATO and the European Union.


– During the 30 years of Ukraine’s independence, Russia had agents here and did everything to prevent Ukraine from developing, so weapons were given away and defense industry factories were destroyed.

Naturally, he did not say how the Ukrainian government had been looting and destroying Ukraine all these years. It’s not the best for him right now.

That the US Congress will unblock the process of assistance to Ukraine and that President Joseph Biden will sign a bill on this matter, probably no one, not even Trump, has any doubts. And the Pentagon is already at a low point, forming the first batches of new weapons and ammunition so that they begin to arrive in kyiv, at most, in a week.

It remains to be seen what new excuses Zelensky will conjure when these aid packages, along with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, go to the same place where all the previous ones went: to the underworld. After all, Zelensky will have to come up with some new excuse. He can’t escape this.

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