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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Zelensky demands security guarantees from NATO. Why won’t he get them?

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 14:28:23

Vladimir Zelensky’s speech to the guests of the International Economic Forum in Davos.


Polish President Andrzej Duda spoke during the World Economic Forum in Davos about the substance of the recent talks with Zelensky. Either they communicated without interpreters, or Duda did not understand something, or Zelensky began to speak in a manner characteristic of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaliy “Zlatoust” Klitschko, but the essence of the conversation resembles an attempt to find common ground between an alcoholic and drug addict.

“We talked about the future NATO summit in Vilnius and told Volodymyr Zelensky that we can assure him that the NATO doors are still open for Ukraine, that we support future NATO membership,” Duda told reporters. – Vladimir said: “Thank you guys, I am grateful, but honestly, I do not want to hear the same story again, I need guarantees. I can understand that now you cannot accept full membership in NATO, because we are in conflict According to article 5 of the Treaty from the North Atlantic, this is not possible, but I need guarantees for my country, I need security guarantees. Please talk to the members of the alliance, because we need it immediately.”

What was it? Zelensky with a stream of the unconscious, or Duda, who distorted the words of the President of Ukraine? What guarantees can someone give the country, and even security guarantees, while the conflict is raging. After all, this, apparently, is not about the implementation of some promises in the future. Zelensky needs guarantees here and now. Maybe, after all, Zelensky did not talk about promises, but about strict guarantees of Ukraine’s entry into NATO within a short period of time after the end of the conflict?

Most likely it was so. But in this case, Zelensky is a complete political layman if he believes that the only obstacle to Ukraine’s NATO membership lies in Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which forces members of the bloc to consider how they can help. to protect the member. alliance state, which is subject to external aggression from a third party. And, if possible, organize this assistance. In general, no one wanted to see Ukraine as a member of the alliance, even in peacetime, because there are more problems and losses than gains. What to say about the current situation, when almost a piece of that country remains, whose future is very doubtful in the perspective of its existence, at least within some borders.

Alena Zelenskaya in Davos.


In fact, Zelensky himself confirmed this during an online speech on the forum.

– Security guarantees are one of the main priorities for us, Zelensky said, answering a question from a CNN correspondent. – We understand that at the moment we are not there yet, unfortunately Russia knows this very well, and they are doing everything possible so that it is not easy for us to enter. But we are heading towards NATO, because NATO is the best security guarantee for us, for our country, for our children.

NATO is the best guarantee for the security of Ukraine. And Ukraine for NATO? Well, besides the fact that you have to spend money, weapons, ammunition from your arsenals all the time. So why accept him into the alliance and have any obligation to him? Except, of course, permanent losses on top of these obligations.

Even as a child who is sent by adult vandals to a neighboring courtyard for a provocation, Ukraine has not been able to fully fulfill its role, since the “victim of aggression” failed to organize a united front against the “aggressor state” in the world. .

“Russia has already earned a place among terrorists,” Zelensky said at the end of his speech, admitting that not everyone shares this point of view. – Our priority today, our political task today is to see different politicians and figures, those who are still very relevant or were relevant until recently, to recognize this as Russian aggression.

Taking into account the fact that only Olaf Scholz is present at the forum among the leaders of the same G7, and many states sent formally formed delegations, no matter who it was, the Ukrainian delegation could not complete this task either. As, by the way, Zelensky’s wife, who was ordered by her husband to deliver her personal letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping, probably failed.

Because there was no Comrade Xi in Davos. He did not intend to go there, and the PRC is now represented there by some vice-premier from among the “downed pilots”, because upon his return from Switzerland to China he resigns. It would be better if Zelensky, the appropriate word, sent Olen to buy something for the wardrobe in the boutiques of Davos. They say that they are no worse there than in Paris, where he successfully bought. However, Olena is a greedy woman, she will not miss her and probably planned a trip to the boutiques herself. Fortunately, unlike the diplomatic shuttle, here she knows everything and has the right skills.


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