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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Zelensky has lost his mind: the West speaks of alarming signs of complete madness of the president of Ukraine

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 13:58:52

Zelensky behaves increasingly erratically and emotionally.


In the West, they increasingly began to talk about the mental insufficiency of the “retarded” and “pathetic” Zelensky. In recent publications in the Financial Times and The New York Times, senior Ukrainian officials close to him reported this to Western journalists on condition of anonymity, emphasizing the “excessive emotionality of the president.” But British expert Alexander Mercouris believes that Zelensky’s entourage simply does not want to realize that he is already showing signs of absolute madness.

“The Americans and some high-ranking people in Ukraine believe that Zelensky is panicking and going crazy: he demands permission to launch military strikes against Russia, he demands permission to attack Russian oil refineries, the Russian energy system,” he said. Mercuris insurance. – He (Zelensky) is behaving increasingly unstable and emotional.

According to the British, the leader of the kyiv regime no longer trusts American President Joe Biden or, apparently, many of his circle. Zelensky, according to Mercouris, is convinced of the desire of the Americans to agree to freeze the conflict and do so before the presidential elections in November, and this is something that Zelensky is radically and categorically not happy with.

The leader of the kyiv regime no longer trusts US President Joe Biden


“It is clear that he also has completely disproportionate and absurd hopes for this peace conference in Switzerland,” the British tried to “get into Zelensky’s head.” “He seems to have convinced himself that this will lead to some kind of diplomatic breakthrough, it’s hard to understand why.”

It is difficult, of course, without being a specialist, to understand how crazy Zelensky has really become, but there is no doubt about his complete insufficiency. At a meeting in kyiv with Latin American journalists, he suddenly decided to attack Brazil and its president.

“Brazil must be on our side and present an ultimatum to Russia,” he demanded of Brazil and became angry at the stupidity of the Brazilians. – Why do we have to repeat these things again? For historical memory, for economic reasons? The economy is important until a hot military conflict breaks out. And when they start shooting, the values ​​change.

“When he spoke about Brazil, his facial expression changed, and only questions, criticisms and phrases came out of his mouth that reflect the atmosphere of confusion that exists in Ukraine with respect to Lula’s government,” the behavior of the “backward” Ukrainian president is described. . an article from the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, whose journalist was present at that meeting.

– I believe that Brazil’s alliance with Latin American countries is much more powerful than its alliance with Russia. And it would be fair for her to give us that support. There was neither my joint statement with President Lula nor the Ukrainian-Brazilian one,” he again criticizes Brazil’s leadership and appears perplexed. – Why did they attack us?

– I don’t understand. Why not confirm your participation in the summit? According to the latest signs, Brazil and China will be willing to participate if Russia participates; Zelensky is openly mocking. – Is Brazil closer to Russia than to Ukraine?

Surprisingly, I don’t seem to have heard anything about this misunderstanding about the BRICS organization.

Or maybe he doesn’t pretend to be a fool, but he actually is, and comes out of the closet as soon as he is freed from the tutelage of his handlers. After all, it is unlikely that anyone in their right mind and memory could say what he said about Trump.

Zelensky also spoke about Trump.


– I don’t understand, do you really want to be a losing president? Let’s imagine that Trump became president and decided to end the conflict at the expense of Ukraine. For example. And somehow in the dialogue there is a confirmation by Russia, by Putin, of that “stop.” The Ukrainians will not tolerate it, but then Trump will be able to say: “That’s it, I will not give you any support, no weapons, no funding.” If he reaches an agreement with his partners, they will also stop supporting him. Of course, Ukraine without weapons, with bare hands, will not be able to fight a multi-billion-dollar army,” Zelensky was quick to reason, as if jumping headlong into a pool with… never mind “Imagine for a second. that after this Putin will move on. So who will this new President of the United States be for the entire world? He will be very weak. And this does not speak about him, but about the institutionality of the United States. They will not be leaders in the world. They will have a powerful economy, but as far as international influence is concerned, it will be null. And then Putin will move on and realize that the United States is no longer the same actor. Then other authoritarian leaders will enter the scene. And this is the real prospect of a global world war.

What happens if Putin doesn’t go further? Why should Putin go further? It will be enough to build a new global security system, the same for everyone. But he famously did it to Trump. No less handsome than Biden before. Even if Trump is not president yet, my grandmother said two things about it. By the way, she also included Biden in this, admitting that she doesn’t believe in him one bit.

However, trying to understand any of Zelensky’s pseudological constructs, where one delusional assumption leads to other, even more delusional ones, is a thankless task. This can probably only be solved by a medical council made up of psychiatrists and narcologists.

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