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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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“Zelensky is already puzzled and sober”: What’s wrong with the message about the 12 attacks on the President of Ukraine?

Date: November 29, 2023 Time: 00:38:36

The task of destroying Zelensky has never been set and is not set


– Olena, gather the children! I brought terrible news to your house! – this is how the news of the British online publication The Independent about the failure of the assassination attempts on Zelensky, which are described in a new book that revealed the “terrible” secrets of the life of the president of (so far) Ukraine, could begin from February 2022. The play is called “The Fight for His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House” and tells the “rough language” of the truth that Zelensky was assassinated and prepared 12 assassination attempts during this period. Two of which were prevented by brave American intelligence agents. You could even say they are CIA officers, but there are no officers in the CIA, unlike the DIA (US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency), for example.

Narrative author Chris Wilp reports in great detail that US President Joseph Biden personally instructed CIA Director William Burns (not to be confused with the Scottish poet of the same name, Robert, and American actor Edward), former US ambassador to Moscow, to go to Kyiv and provide Mr. Zelensky with “precise details of the Russian conspiracies”.

“And obediently went the way” … Moreover, according to the author of the book, Biden’s envoy carried warnings not only about the assassination attempts on Zelensky himself, but also about the upcoming special operation. Zelensky ignored statements about her. As he himself later said, Kyiv could not allow all of Ukraine to rush abroad, because then there would be no one to protect the cities of Ukraine. But he took the warnings about his own safety more than seriously.

“This immediately caught Zelensky’s attention, he was taken aback, he became serious about this news,” Wilp writes, citing eyewitness accounts. It is unclear how appropriate the term “sober” is in this case, as it would be more appropriate for Zelensky’s predecessor in this post. However, if Poroshenko only drank, then his successor, as all the same eyewitnesses testify, often mixes “mind-expanding” substances with high-quality alcohol to enhance the effect, which can often only explain his behavior and crazy speech.

In total, according to Ukrainian officials close to Zelensky, he has survived 12 assassination attempts in his life since the start of the Russian-launched Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

“The intelligence was so detailed that it would have helped Zelensky’s security forces prevent two separate Russian attempts on his life,” the book’s author notes. And here several questions immediately arise. What does it mean, for example, “would help”? Isn’t that a circumstance that would have helped if these assassination attempts were actually being prepared? And then she would help.

And what does “murder” mean? Is it possible to consider abstinence as such for the protection of alcohol after taking substances of another type? Or pump after an overdose? The end of a particularly cruel breakup? There are many options, but it all comes down to one.

For the simple reason that Russia did not prepare a single assassination attempt on Zelensky and did not make any attempts in this area. Otherwise, the cold corpse of him would have been pecked by crows long ago. We need Zelensky alive and in the dugout.

If you do not know, then during the Great Patriotic War, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was at first for the assassination attempt on Hitler, but then, when preparations for this reached the final stage, he personally ordered to stop all the work in the implementation of this action. Stalin wanted to try Hitler by an international court so that the entire planet would see the justice of the retribution. And the only assassination attempt to reach the final stage was the explosion of a briefcase at a meeting at Hitler’s headquarters, rigged with explosives by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. Let me remind you that at that time the conspirators planned, after successfully completing the assassination attempt, to immediately conclude peace with our Western allies.

Therefore, the task of destroying Zelensky has never been set and is not set. In addition, not a single attack was carried out against a single representative of the Ukrainian authorities, nor any kind of sabotage, nor explosions, nor executions, nor air strikes. Although the Russian command has had such opportunities for quite some time. Dzhokhar Dudayev and Khattab themselves could confirm this if they were still alive.

But Ukraine boasts of success in carrying out such actions. Here is the murder of the Ukrainian soldier Daria Dugina in Moscow and various other confessions of Ukrainian Nazis.

Exposing Zelensky as a potential victim is beneficial not only for himself, increasing his importance in the eyes of the West, but also for Ukrainian counterintelligence in order to prove their own effectiveness already to Zelensky. And therefore “legends and myths” will continue to appear about the assassination attempts on Zelensky. And about the closest associates of him, for example, the same Misha Podolyak. Which, once again, apparently having bitten on substances not recommended by doctors, announced that Ukraine does not plan to occupy the territory of Russia, because Kyiv does not have enough resources to support the population living there. Somehow forgetting that Ukraine does not have enough strength and resources to support its own population, because Nezalezhnaya lives on loan, and half of them are still starving.

Someone, call Podolyak an ambulance! He has a loss of consciousness, and this is clearly an attempt. Apparently, he took the portion meant for Zelensky. Maybe he even stole it from the head of the state. But only to save Zelensky’s precious life from another invasion.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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