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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Zelensky made a fool of himself: China found in Switzerland an alternative to the “peace summit” on Ukraine

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 18:29:41

The president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.


The story of the convening of a conference on Ukraine in Switzerland, which will take place on June 15 and 16, increasingly resembles the parable of an inept blacksmith. He couldn’t forge a plow and the scythe didn’t work either. He offered to make a knife with the remaining iron, but that didn’t work either. Then the incompetent decided to at least splash: he immersed the rest of the red-hot piece of iron in a barrel of water and it hissed…

Judge for yourself. Initially, Zelensky’s plan was to hold a “peace summit” on Ukraine without Russia, in which the leaders of the absolute majority of countries would participate. They were supposed to discuss Zelensky’s own ten-point “peace formula”: a set of absolutely unrealistic demands on Moscow, including the withdrawal of troops to the 1991 borders and the payment of all reparations and compensation to kyiv. In Russia they immediately said harshly that nothing would come of this enterprise and that those who decided to participate in it would only waste their time.

When it became clear that the summit (high-level meeting) would not work due to the refusal of many leaders of key countries to attend the meeting in Switzerland, it was simply reclassified as a conference on Ukraine. The 10 points of the “peace formula” were reduced to three: the safety of nuclear power plants, food security, as well as the exchange of prisoners and the return of children taken to Russia.

The organizers of the event sent invitations to 160 countries, 90 registered (including international organizations and half are kyiv’s European allies).

If we take into account that in total the Zelensky regime has the firm support of more than fifty countries, it is clear: only a little more than thirty will come from “neutral states.” Furthermore, a significant part will be represented at the level of ambassadors and other political extras who have no authority to sign any serious document, which, as Zelensky and his sponsors intended, could be presented to Russia as a kind of “decision of the absolute global majority of the world”.

Yesterday it became known that the post-conference joint statement (can you tell the difference from the “decision of the majority of world leaders”?) will not call for the withdrawal of Russian troops. This was reported by the Japanese television company NHK, explaining: everything that may not suit “some developing countries in Asia and the Middle East” that maintain ties with Russia was excluded from kyiv’s “peace formula.” We only leave the three points mentioned proposed for discussion. The draft joint statement also highlights the importance of Russia’s participation in the discussions.

But at first Zelensky was categorically opposed to this, and was even prohibited by a special decree from conducting negotiations with Moscow. He now explained why the Russians were not invited to Switzerland: so that they would not disrupt the event and Russia, they say, would be attracted later, through intermediaries.

And he has already admitted that he does not expect any progress from the Swiss meeting, the main task now is “to prevent Russia from sabotaging our summit and preventing him from organizing an alternative.”

Well, didn’t Zelensky’s whole idea, supported in every way possible by his Western curators, turn out to be a persistent failure? A pleasure to see.

But with the alternative summit, which kyiv fears so much, everything is going well. Yesterday, during a meeting of the foreign ministers of the BRICS member states in Nizhny Novgorod, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that his country “advocates the timely convening of a genuine peace conference approved by the parties Russian and Ukrainian.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.


He clarified that the forum to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine must be held with the equal participation of all parties and ensure fair discussion of all peace settlement projects. And as is well known, Beijing, while calling for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine, has always insisted that Moscow is entitled to guarantees of its security and that its legitimate interests must be taken into account.

When Chinese officials say that a real peace conference needs to be called, it can be assumed that work on this is already in full swing. And the Swiss “nothing” won’t do him any harm.


The global plan of Ukraine and the West is a fiasco: world leaders, one by one, refuse to participate in the “peace” conference (details)

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