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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Zelensky made strange move after “fictitious summit” in Switzerland

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:56:06

Zelensky made strange move after “fictitious summit” in Switzerland


It is difficult not to remember the character Nikolai Karachentsov from Alla Surikova’s film “Nuts”, who returned with a huge profit from a London club.

– He tells me: nineteen. I say, “Show me.” Show me! Or maybe there…” And suddenly he tells me: “In our club it is customary to trust the word of gentlemen!” And then I got lucky! Good luck and luck!

I am referring to the recently held “peace summit”, as the “retarded” and “pathetic” pseudo-president of Ukraine, Zelensky, insultingly called it. I understand, I am tired, my teeth are jagged, as if I had eaten a green currant, but here, dear ones, it is like that, whether you want it or not, and it is simply necessary to share this joy with you.

In general, the Swiss Foreign Ministry, in response to numerous requests about where the final document of this meeting of fans of the bloody dwarf and former Ukrainian comedian can be seen and, preferably, with the signatures of the representatives of the participating countries, issued the following. Weak of heart, cover your ears and close your eyes. Orchestra – get out! Drumroll!

– The statement was not physically signed, so there is no physical copy. The joint statement is published on the website of the Swiss Foreign Ministry with a list of countries that support it. This is a “living list” since States and international organizations can continue to join the communiqué, even those that did not participate in the conference. States can also be delisted, as officially stated on the Swiss Foreign Ministry website.

Well, yes, we remember, Iraq, Jordan, Rwanda left the list of supporters (now it cannot even be said that they were signatories, because they physically did not sign anything, and Antigua and Barbuda, on the contrary, were included, which is not It is surprising, since this microstate with a population of 100 thousand people is headed by the monarch of Great Britain). But still, the presence of a signature does not mean that it cannot be revoked. Why then did Iraq, Jordan and Rwanda withdraw if they didn’t sign anything?

What was accepted there, in general, if no one signed anything? That is, not even a theoretical solution for this match exists in the material world or in nature as a whole. So what happens?

Look, Vladimir Putin flew to the DPRK and signed a strategic agreement with Kim Jong-un. Both put their signatures: who agrees to do what, who to help, with what guarantees, in any case, etc. There are signatures, this is a document. You can leave it, you can extend it, but while it is in force, all agreements are fixed and valid. And what is this that happened in a Swiss resort? We met, drank coffee, ate croissants (the dream of Ukrainians) and that’s it? Oh yeah, we also stocked up on Swiss cheeses and chocolate. Well, Zelensky also took a photo with so many people, and not just one, but with Ermak in the front row in the center, which gave rise to many rumors in Ukraine about Ermak’s role and his place in the hierarchy of can. and a lot of misunderstandings on the same topic in Western diplomatic circles (it is not customary to drag seconds and third parties into the official photograph of heads of delegations at international events).

Whats Next? You promised to show Putin something there. What will you show? And with what? Yes, we ourselves will show them on any billboard our resolution in response to his supposed decisions. Of course, such a fence cannot be found in the Kremlin, but I can personally demonstrate this resolution to you on some fence in Moscow, Tula, Kaluga and even in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg. And I’ll even sign it. And this will make more sense than representatives of 92 states and international organizations drying their pants for two days.

Not an agreement, not decisions, not even recommendations, but damn, and even without a bow on the side. “Live List” – Is it like a live line at a wine and vodka store, only without the line? But the men didn’t even know…

Even in Ukraine, few people realized that no one signed anything at the “peace summit”, otherwise the “delayed” would have become even more pathetic after the reaction of their fellow citizens to the results of the PR that he organized himself.

However, Zelensky has already made sure in this regard. Upon his return from Switzerland, the first thing he did was sign a law imposing fines for offensive sexual messages on the Internet. And now he tries to call them all kinds of derivatives or something else. He will immediately face a fine of 2,700 hryvnia.

Well, at least now the treasury will be replenished.

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