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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Zelensky pulled out a whip for the Ukrainian Armed Forces on his birthday

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 07:15:33

The Ukrainian public has already compared Zelensky’s decision to Stalin’s famous order No. 227 “Not a step back.”


Here, right now, the (so far) President of Ukraine celebrated his 45th anniversary of his birth. Of course, this world was unlucky with this precedent, and I would like to wish the character to change his place of residence to a prison cell or the other world, but that’s not what this is about now. We all love birthday presents, and even a bastard like Zelensky is no exception. But it differs from many others in that it is simply not enough (after tanks, he has already asked the West for combat aircraft), and Voldemar can also give himself gifts for his birthday. And Zelensky did not refuse to please his beloved.

And signed a bill on strengthening the criminal liability of the military in martial law. Not to say that in the Armed Forces of Ukraine this new law was enthusiastically received. Which is quite understandable. The armed forces now face long prison terms for what are considered crimes. So, for non-compliance with the order of the commander, the person who committed this is threatened with imprisonment of up to 7 years, for desertion – up to 12 years, for unauthorized leaving the place of duty – up to 10 years, for leaving the battlefield. without authorization or refusal to use weapons – up to 10 years. And there is no doubt that the perpetrators of these crimes will be sentenced to the maximum. It is very necessary to stop the decline in the morale of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and moral decay.

The Ukrainian public has already compared Zelensky’s decision to Stalin’s famous order No. 227 “Not a step back.” But the comparison is, to put it mildly, incorrect. And generally speaking, they compared God’s gift to scrambled eggs.

– Today you die, and I – tomorrow – such an unspoken law, popular in places of deprivation of liberty, is more applicable in the Zelensky decision than an order from the times of the Great Patriotic War. Furthermore, in the conditions of total violent mobilization, which has already begun to spread to the foreign diplomatic missions of the Independents. What can I say if the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine agreed with Zelensky’s team to issue summonses to car owners when they were stopped by the traffic police?

And this despite the fact that at this very moment the Ukrainian power elite and close power are getting fat as if they were walking for the last time in their lives. Corruption scandals, which practically shook the top of the Ukrainian government, became the reason for a new wave of disputes throughout Ukraine.

While Mykola wants to “die near Bakhmut”, where he is sent with a summons in his mouth, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the “Servant of the People” Nikolay Tishchenko arranges “meetings with voters” in Thailand. Photos of a healthy and strong “moose” Tishchenko on the beach with a bare torso show how much he cares about “Ridna Batkivshchyna”.

The head of the parliamentary faction of the Servant of the People, David Arakhamia (a member of the Ukrainian delegation wearing a baseball cap at the talks with Russia in Istanbul) promised that Tishchenko would be expelled from the faction, but bad luck: Ukrainian journalists published an investigation. , as a result of which it was Arakhamia who won the status of “corrupt person of the year.” He spread his tentacles to the customs and tax office, and appoints the tax office to him. Naturally, in the interests of Yermak and Zelensky, but the strings are still being pulled through it. Yes, and Zelensky’s father and mother and other relatives are arranged and live abroad.

And now all the tall ones in the Plaza steal and steal viciously, providing themselves and their descendants with a comfortable existence. And for the roots, not one step back! Either you die or you go to jail. Of course, for many, prison will be preferable to death in the trenches. But Zelensky had no other incentive to keep the soldiers in the trenches or launch them on the attack. No gingerbread, just whips.

And the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have only one sure way to save their lives – to surrender. And if that fighter did not commit any war crimes, he will soon be free. But he will still be alive.

PS By the way, having increased responsibility for desertion, failure to follow orders and unauthorized abandonment of positions, Zelensky has not for a day tightened the punishment for looting and robbery of the civilian population, which still flourishes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. .

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