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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Zelensky revealed his main dream about Russia: he blurted out without thinking

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 03:46:19

At the Asia-Pacific security forum “Dialogue – Shangri-La”, the entire Chinese delegation was absent from the room during Zelensky’s speech


Ukraine’s “retarded” and “pathetic” president Zelensky is reaping the rewards of the “offensive diplomacy” he demands from Ukrainian diplomats. Saudi Arabia refused to participate in the conference in Switzerland and did not want to see Zelensky as a guest now. Zelensky could only announce that he now could not talk about postponing his visit to the kingdom.

Obviously, Zelensky’s repeated speeches reproaching China could not cause a wave of sympathy for him in Beijing, and therefore, at the Asia-Pacific security forum “Dialogue – Shangri-La”, the entire Chinese delegation was absent from the room during Zelensky’s speech. Furthermore, the Chinese, as reported from the ground, took all necessary measures to avoid, even accidentally, crossing paths with the Ukrainians behind the scenes of the forum, and these efforts proved successful. They even said they would not attend the delegates’ dinner if it was “delayed.”

As they say, I got it. But the “nonsense” gives no respite. From the forum he immediately flew to the capital of the Philippines, Manila, where he long shook the hand of the president of the Philippines.

– We are very happy to visit the Philippines for the first time. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Thank you for this invitation. And we are very grateful to be now in your country, which supports Ukraine, our territorial integrity and our sovereignty,” Zelensky said in Manila after the meeting, which took place without the Ukrainian flag, as required by diplomatic protocol. No piece of black-yellow cloth was found in the Philippines (that’s how they respect the square there), and the Ukrainians, apparently, did not take it.

Zelensky’s completely unprepared visit was clearly an improvisation (he had hoped to meet President Marcos Jr. in Singapore, but he managed to evade it and Zelensky ran after him), but it was intended to once again humiliate the PRC, as that Beijing and Manila now have very tense relations. The Chinese, of course, don’t care much about this injection of the Ukrainian virus, but don’t think that they will forget about it.

Meanwhile, back in Singapore, the “retard” gave another press conference in which, as usual, he made very illogical statements about the designated “Zelensky party” in Switzerland.

– We respect each position, but it must be absolutely clear and understandable. There is no slavery, no one forces anyone to do anything. We tell the details of the conflict, what is happening here, it is absolutely clear what our losses are, etc. And absolutely clear ways to end hostilities,” he persuaded everyone to join an event that made no sense. – It is possible to end the conflict diplomatically if the world unites and isolates Russia. If after our “peace summit” Russia holds some kind of conference and a large number of different countries are represented there, this will indicate that the world is divided.

Zelensky’s completely unprepared visit was clearly an improvisation.


What if it is not Russia, but someone else who does it, but Russia will be present there? Zelensky has no answer to this question. Or rather, it exists, but the leaders of many countries will not like it very much.

– I think it is a bad trend, that is why I said about Russia and some representatives of other countries who are working to disrupt the “peace summit”. They should not disturb our “peace summit”, they should take care of their country,” she snapped, without delving into the meaning of what she said at all.

That is, on the one hand, “no one forces anyone to do anything”, and on the other, if you are not on the side of Ukraine and are not ready to vote for Zelensky, then sit down and don’t do it. move the boat, “take care of your country.” Fantasy is stupid and unrealizable.

But the main thing is to isolate Russia and certainly the whole world. Fantasy is stupid and unrealizable. Meanwhile, two other countries have decided their position regarding the Ukraine conference in Switzerland. Hungary refused to “isolate Russia” and participate in the party assembled by Zelensky.

“If both sides of the conflict are not represented, I think it is legitimate to ask whether the entire conference makes sense from the point of view of the ultimate goal, that is, the desire for peace,” he explained the reasons for Hungary’s refusal to participate. the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Szijjártó. “Therefore, we believe that a peace conference makes real sense and offers the best hope for peace if both sides are at the table.”

But Australia not only agreed, it also named the head of its delegation. This is the Minister for Disabled People, Bill Shorten. Very symbolic. Another would be the head of some association of psychiatrists, and would be exactly according to Zelensky’s profile.

Well, the boxers were invited.

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