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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Zelensky was gagged in Vilnius: the head of Ukraine was sent to dinner instead of the declared speech

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 11:16:34

Zelensky will definitely thank Biden and the company at the helm for the creation of the Ukraine-NATO Council


What’s going on huh? What is being done! At the NATO summit, Ukrainian President Zelensky was simply gagged and not allowed to make a fuss on the first day of the event. Recall that Zelensky stormily expressed his dissatisfaction when he learned about the points of the resolution on Ukraine agreed upon by Western leaders. And there was nothing about membership, or even about inviting Independent into the Alliance. In addition to the general wishes, which boiled down to the fact that the future of Ukraine in NATO and the wording in the spirit of “after the rain on Thursday, but only when cancer whistles on the mountain”, there was nothing in absolute. Even about the invitation to NATO, it was said that this would happen after all member countries of the bloc agreed that Ukraine had fulfilled the necessary conditions for the start of entry. What specific conditions, at the same time, not a word was said.

Enraged Zelensky, who obviously knew everything from the beginning, and therefore his anger was more ostentatious, nevertheless decided to go to Vilnius a day early. And this after Zelensky defiantly threatened that if Ukraine did not meet halfway, no one would see him in Vilnius. If Zelensky’s arrival was initially scheduled for Wednesday morning, after the change of plans, Zelensky appeared in Vilnius on Tuesday. And Ukrainian media and Telegram channels reported that Zelensky intended to give a speech in Vilnius at 18:00 Moscow time on Tuesday.

There was a strong smell of scandal in the air. At this time, a press conference was scheduled for NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. And the experts understood the promise of Zelensky’s speech in such a way that he went all out. Taking advantage of the fact that, as reported, at that time the resolution on Ukraine had not yet been agreed in the final version, Zelensky, as many predicted, intended to appeal to all the leaders of NATO member countries with a direct demand either to start the procedure for inviting Kiev to the Alliance, or at least promise that Ukraine will become a NATO member immediately after the end of hostilities. He was only able to do this at the Stoltenberg press conference, making it a joint event. And none of the summit participants liked this prospect.

After some time, Zelensky’s press secretary Nikiforov said that his sponsor would not take part in the summit events today, except to have dinner with the participants, and that the program would start tomorrow. It could hardly be seen as anything other than an attempt to silence Zelensky. By the way, at that time the unfortunate resolution on Ukraine was immediately agreed and passed in the manner of a scalded cat. And everything turned out to be even worse than it was, because the NATO Secretary General announced his main points at his press conference to journalists. From what has been said, we can note a three-element plan for Ukraine, which includes a) assistance in transferring the army to NATO standards, b) the creation of the Ukraine-NATO format, in which Ukraine will have a standing voice equality. with the members of the Alliance, and c) the abolition of the standard plan for membership in NATO (MAP). But until the last NATO member deems Ukraine ready for the procedure, no invitation will be sent to kyiv. moreover, Stoltenberg emphasized that as long as the hostilities continue and are not completed, there is simply no talk of Ukraine joining NATO. Not the slightest hint, as they say.

And Zelensky? Zelensky diligently complied with the order and, together with his wife, went to a concert on the central square of Vilnius together with the President of Lithuania, who also arrived there with his wife (by the way, now there is a universal way to distinguish between the presidents of Lithuania and Latvia, if someone confused them earlier: the president of Lithuania is married with his wife, and the president of Latvia is an open homosexual).

Greater humiliation and failure than the Ukrainian president experienced on the first day of the summit, when he was told he was “number 16” (actually 32 or even 33), and that he would cast his vote, not when he wants, but in command, it’s hard to imagine. However, there is still the second day of the summit ahead, during which Zelensky will definitely thank Biden and the company at the helm for the creation of the Ukraine-NATO Council and will express feelings of deep gratitude and satisfaction for this step.

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