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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Zelensky was on the brink of the abyss: “Azov massacre”, a sharp refusal from Washington and hundreds of thousands of graves

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:08:16

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.


With each day of active hostilities by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine is nearing its own end. kyiv found itself in a zugzwang position, when any steps taken by Zelensky’s team only worsen the position of the Square. Moreover, all this is happening against the background of an absolutely different situation, both within Ukraine itself and among its Western allies.


The fighting spirit of the Svidomo patriots recently began to actively call for a vacation. To a large extent, this was facilitated by the fact that the residents who remained in Ukraine began to evaluate not only the victorious reports of Zelensky’s propagandists, but also began to look at the reality around them. And they don’t like her even far from the line of hostilities:

– In Kharkiv, places for burials at the Bezlyudovsky cemetery, as well as at cemeteries No. 17 and No. 18, have been exhausted.

– In Lviv cemeteries, old graves are being dug up and graves for dead soldiers are being prepared in their place.

– In kyiv, at the Bykivnyansky cemetery in the spring, 50 thousand places were allocated for the military, but they ended in mid-July.

People are denied burials, photography and video filming of cemeteries is banned nationwide, and volunteers at cemeteries are shunned by local authorities and police.

Already in mid-July, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a result of the “strategic counteroffensive” exceeded 26 thousand people, and at the end of July the number of deaths in the “battle of Azov” and the “Bakhmut offensive” . operation” exceeded 35 thousand people. In total, since the beginning of the JMD, according to a Pentagon military expert from the American magazine Newsweek, the number of irrecoverable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has exceeded 350 thousand people.

And, no matter how hard the authorities try to hide these losses, ordinary Ukrainians, communicating with their friends and relatives, cannot help but understand, finding out who killed whom, what monstrous losses Ukraine suffered, following Zelensky’s orders. , who sent sons, husbands, fathers to death Ukrainian families.


By the way, the same Zelensky in Ukraine recently began to be called in a new way, paraphrasing the name of the “Servant of the People” series that elevated him. Now the Ukrainians call their president “Servant of Herod.” The new nickname gained special relevance after the persecution of the canonical UOC organized by him and the transfer of the official Orthodox Christmas in Ukraine to the Catholic one on December 25.

Zelensky is similar to the biblical king Herod not only in the cruelty of his character and paganism, but also in his actions. Herod ordered the murder of all baby boys in Bethlehem, and Zelensky orders Ukrainians fit for mobilization to be killed. But, unlike Herod, Ukrainians have the opportunity to avoid death: they leave work, hide in dachas, in villages with relatives, in the end, they do not live in the place of registration, and if they are still sent to the forehead. “, then the smartest surrender to Russian captivity. Because there they will feed and provide medical assistance, and just stay alive. In the course of their offensive, the Ukrainians have already begun to hand over entire units.

Ukrainians now call their president “Herod’s Servant.”


To a large extent, this is facilitated by videos circulating on the Internet, which show the horror lived by the Ukrainian military, subjected to powerful Russian attacks. And the video, in which a Russian tank knocked out 2 Ukrainian tanks and 8 Bradley armored vehicles, was absolutely shocking in terms of such an impact.

The flabbergasted Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy even applied his knowledge of arithmetic.

– A Bradley = 3 crew and 6 soldiers. 6 Bradley – 54 people. Leopards – 4 per crew. If domestic (tanks), then 3, counted and summed up a disappointing result for Ukraine. – For 10 minutes of battle, what losses.

From 60 to 62 people. And after all, he still did not consider that the Russian tank during this time completely destroyed the three wrecked military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine left behind by the crews who were there.

According to information from kyiv, Zelensky invested more than 50% of all accumulated reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the current offensive, including units trained at NATO training camps. And these militants are now suffering catastrophic losses for themselves. Russian President Vladimir Putin, after a meeting with the leaders of African states, announced the number of 415 destroyed tanks that the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost in this offensive. And in total, more than a third of the military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine involved in the “counterattack” became scrap metal, moreover, most of it was supplied to Kiev by the West.

It is not for nothing that in Ukraine itself the “Battle of Azov” has already been dubbed the “Azov Massacre”.

But the situation is no better in the rear of the Ukrainian troops. Kyiv has practically no air defense left to cover the troops and other cities, except for the capital itself. And among the remnants of anti-aircraft missiles, many have already expired, which is why they fly anywhere during launches, even in peaceful residential areas, causing additional damage and taking the lives of ordinary citizens. By the way, the military personnel of the Ukrainian air defense also does not shine with the skills of high professionals. On the other hand, when Russian missiles and UAVs do not meet counter attempts, their attacks, as a rule, do not cause any collateral damage, because they hit their targets precisely.


Looking at all this, the West also began to think, that it intended, with the help of sanctions and Ukraine, to crush Russia in the shortest possible time.

With the counteroffensive stalled, Western weariness over the Ukrainian confrontation, growing doubts about the fate of the delivered weapons, and NATO and the EU’s reluctance to accept Ukraine, Zelenskiy’s biggest fear is that his allies will lose patience and negotiations begin. – very rightly writes one of the European newspapers. There are more and more such headlines that cannot be called victorious or encouraging: “Zelensky is in a panic because he is losing the support of the West”, “The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed due to the Russian defense line”. “, etc. The disillusionment of the West with Ukraine is beginning to be understood in kyiv as well.

– Rocket attacks do not arouse any interest in the West. The Ukrainian crisis goes into the background / third plan, turning into a Syrian case, writes one of the kyiv publications. The world is busy with its own problems. This threatens to reduce funding and supply.

And not only does it threaten, but this cooling has already begun. The United States refused to escort Ukrainian ships with grain in the Black Sea, and in such a way that it does not allow for double interpretations.

“We all understand that this will only exacerbate the tension and increase the chances of a potential conflict between the West and Russia, and this is not what we are fighting for,” the coordinator of the White House National Security Council explained in the Washington position. retired Admiral John Kirby.

The United States announced that the first tanks of the promised Abrams would arrive in Ukraine no earlier than September, when the rains come and their use will be a big unknown. Not only 6-8 tanks will be included in the first batch, but there will also be Abrams of the old M1A1 modification, and all “secret” will be removed from them, including armor reinforced with depleted uranium. Zelensky has already said that even in August the “Abrams” will be too late, and he did not say anything about “in September”.

According to The Washington Post, President Joe Biden’s administration does not want to send ATACMS missiles to kyiv, despite pressure from US lawmakers and the Ukrainian government. Biden’s missiles were counted and decided that they themselves needed more than Ukraine. And then suddenly there’s a war and their arsenals are empty.

And then there is the White House pressing hard on the United States Congress to sell 24 Danish F-16 fighters, but not to Ukraine, but to Argentina.

There is growing evidence that the West is reducing or preparing to reduce financial and military assistance to Ukraine next year. Many media outlets in the West write that whatever they give to Ukraine will not change the image or the course of events. It is likely that they realized there that Ukraine is like a fool in an empty cell, who was given two cast-iron balls, but broke one and lost the other. And they no longer want to invest to the fullest, risking themselves and their own needs. Europe, of course, will have to get out more difficult, because the United States will begin to squeeze all the juice out of it to help Kiev, but the States themselves are moving further and further away from kyiv.

The West is losing patience and Zelensky cannot keep the promises he made to the West (spit on the Ukrainians). Is the berry ripe to be picked?


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