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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Zelensky was publicly called “not quite adequate.” that’s what he did

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 22:15:53

Zelensky continues to turn Georgia against the Independent


Vladimir Zelensky accomplished almost a feat. Agree, not a feat, but an act of a citizen with great moral responsibility towards a citizen of Ukraine. He made it clear: not to all citizens of Ukraine, whom he intends to leave in the cold and soon hungry Kyiv, to become a “human shield” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but to a specific individual citizen. . And it’s a drum roll! – Former President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa Region Mishiko Nikolozovich Saakashvili. As Vitaliy “Chrysostom” Klitschko would say in this situation, everyone is responsible for those, for few people is responsible. Zelensky restored Saakashvili’s Ukrainian citizenship, first granted and then taken away by former Independent Party Chairman Petro Poroshenko, and is now fighting back, demanding humanity towards Saakashvili.

– Everyone was able to see the state of Mikheil Saakashvili, the state of his health. Therefore, I appeal to the Georgian authorities: mercy must be shown, especially at Christmas, Zelensky addressed the people and the Georgian authorities.

Of course, everyone saw, my dear. It would be better not to see, of course. Judging by the videos leaked to the web, Saakashvili is undergoing severe drug withdrawal at a private clinic where he was admitted for treatment. In that video, Mishiko is in hysterics, a capricious girl who throws heavy and not-so-heavy objects at nurses and other staff and slides from her hospital bed to the floor between eating pickles and smoking with her legs up. .

– It doesn’t suit Georgia. This must be stopped. Please make a decision that could save your life. Transfer Mikheil Saakashvili to one of the clinics in Ukraine, another European country, America. It is time to take this good step,” Zelensky said. It is worth noting the entry on Ukraine or another European country. It was as if everyone had lined up there to receive the downtrodden bon vivant and reveller. Well, okay, there will be those who want it. But why are you, Voldemar, close to this madman, whose lawyers counted a bouquet of 36 diseases, one of which is more serious than the other? You have a wife, family, children. Or the infection doesn’t stick to the infection, is it about you and Michael?

Perhaps, we simply cannot imagine the extent of Saakashvili’s torment, because, probably, only a drug addict can fully imagine these “difficulties and hardships” of another. Against which background hunger, cold, disorder and the struggle for survival of millions of ordinary Ukrainians mean nothing. How many Ukrainians would now be willing to trade with Mishiko his private clinic, two-bedroom ward, attentive nurses, a kitchen of his choice, and other life benefits of which they are deprived? I think that many, and not even the wounded and crippled of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, lying in hospitals, but ordinary Kievites, Kharkovites, and even, I am not afraid of the word, the Kryvyi rihs, who they have a simple alternative to cold apartments in the form of “invincibility points” that don’t work. Isn’t Zelensky trying to bring the great Ukrainian patriot Saakashvili to such a “point of innocence”?

I’m warning you right now: it’s going to be hard. Four guards may not be able to cope, it is necessary to involve at least six or seven. Michael Nikolozovich (it is strange that this citizen of Ukraine does not call himself Mikhailo, as it should be for a right-wing Ukrainian) is a big man, although he has lost a lot of excess weight. Moreover, the fight will be desperate and to the end. Obviously, he does not need such gifts from the acting Saint Mykolaj, even before Ukrainian Christmas (and in Nezalezhnaya it is increasingly celebrated together with Catholics). Even from Voldemar, who put on the Christmas sheepskin coat.

Seriously speaking, it’s amazing how gracefully and easily an elephant in a china shop Zelensky meddles in the internal affairs of other sovereign states, turning them and his regime against each other (although, of course, everything is correct, let Zelensky continue to return to Georgia vs. Independent).

Tbilisi has already responded to the new “initiative of the President of Ukraine in the field of humanism.”

“The president of Ukraine is probably not well informed about the accusations made by Saakashvili,” said Mikheil Sarjveladze, a lawmaker from the ruling Georgian Dream party. -I wouldn’t be surprised if Zelensky has the wrong information, so he has the wrong approach.

“Zelensky’s demands are not entirely adequate,” Alexander Elisashvili, leader of the moderate opposition Citizens party, insinuated too softly. And here it is not clear, did he count on something else from the completely inadequate Zelensky?

– It is not true when the president of one country appeals to the authorities of another with a call to release a specific prisoner, even if he is a citizen of Ukraine. This is reminiscent of interference in the internal affairs of Georgia, Elisashvili continued and sealed it. – For the life and health of Saakashvili in response to the Georgian authorities.

And why is it so serious, such a brick? Even if he meddled in Georgia’s internal affairs, he did it with the best of intentions!

After all, tomorrow is Mishiko’s birthday. And what a date! He will be exactly 55 years old. And Volodya Zelensky just wanted to congratulate him on his birthday, almost an anniversary. Well, do not send to Tbilisi those very substances that we cannot mention in Russia, which is not for advertising drugs, after all. They may not be missing. Judging by the video with Saakashvili, they still won’t let them in, delete them in josep!

And now Zelensky will have to meet alone with the predatory DR Saakashvili flaring his itchy nostrils in anticipation of relief and singing melancholy under his breath in the bunker: “Where are you, my Mishiko?”

And all other Ukrainians have to endure and not talk nonsense while their ataman is busy with important business. It’s not up to you, the right word, the comrade is tormented. Or, as Zoryan and Shkiryak put it in one person, addressing disgruntled Ukrainians: “You stink and scatter.”

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