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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Zelensky was talking nonsense, the NATO Secretary General intervened: the president of Ukraine is losing touch with reality

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:14:08

Everything about Zelensky has long been clear: he has already moved irrevocably into an alternative reality, but Stoltenberg did not disappoint this time either.


The question of who is simplifying whom (the West, Ukraine or vice versa) remains open, no matter how much one wants to dot the i’s. This was once again demonstrated by the recent negotiations between President Zelensky and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who arrived in kyiv. The Defense Ministers of Great Britain and France and German industrialists also arrived and announced that, along with the production of new Leopard tanks in Ukraine, their joint venture with the Ukrainian side would be devoted at this stage exclusively to the repair of damaged armored vehicles. . , but all this somehow faded into the shadows in comparison with the performance in the Ukrainian tent of two renowned performers of comic repetitions.

Everything about Zelensky has long been clear: he has already moved irrevocably into an alternative reality, but Stoltenberg did not disappoint this time. Which both figures demonstrated in all their splendor in a joint press conference.

“Russia will continue to retreat,” Zelensky promised, apparently from the alternate reality he finds himself in, where he flies an F-16 and destroys “hordes of damn Muscovites.”

– Reality itself is proof that Ukraine’s membership in NATO is completely natural and will benefit both sides. Today we discussed with Mr. Secretary General all key defense issues that require attention: the real situation on the battlefield and the needs of Ukrainian soldiers,” he continued. – I am sure that we can continue to pressure the aggressor so that Russia only retreats and loses. This is the correct tactic.

Stoltenberg, of course, could respond by asking how Zelensky’s words about “Russia’s withdrawal” are consistent with the fact that during the counteroffensive, Ukraine, as Western media write, “liberated” 230 square kilometers, while the ” “retired” and defenders Russia, during the same period, liberated more than 500 square kilometers from the Nazi regime in Kiev. But, first of all, this would violate the rules of the West’s game with Zelensky (the president of Ukraine will surely be asked about this, but behind closed doors and not on a public platform). And secondly, the “child” might feel offended by such a question; He had recently become too touchy, nervous and nervous. That is why Stoltenberg preferred reassuring speeches that demonstrated NATO’s confidence in Zelensky’s “tomorrow.”

– The stronger Ukraine becomes, the closer we will be to ending Russian aggression. Russia can lay down its arms and end its military conflict right now. Ukraine does not have such an opportunity. Ukraine’s capitulation will not mean peace; will lead to a brutal Russian occupation. Peace at any price will not be peace at all. “Ukraine needs a just and sustainable peace,” the NATO Secretary General said the mantra he had learned by heart and continued the incantation. “And that is why we warmly welcome President Zelensky’s 10-point plan to achieve this goal.” So, Mr. President, the future of Ukraine lies in NATO. And as we work together to prepare for this future, NATO will support Ukraine for as long as necessary.

His assistants and secretaries forgot to make changes to Stoltenberg’s spell. Zelensky’s “peace plan” in its new variant, which he presented to the world in his speech at the UN General Assembly, has already eliminated eight “extra” points out of 10 and has been reduced to two ultimatum demands: withdrawal of all Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine within the borders at the end of 1991, they go and many “tasty and healthy” repairs. So old Jens expressed recipes that currently have no importance.

But inspired by the well-known words, Zelensky immediately delved even deeper into the “pie” that he himself had left aside.

“I will definitely ask and clarify information about the probable destruction of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet from the relevant authorities,” Stoltenberg promised, referring to the fake news about the “death of the Russian admiral” that spread after a Ukrainian The missile hit the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. Who then appeared safely at a meeting where he reported on the work of the ships, marines and all personnel of the Black Sea Fleet in fulfilling the tasks of the Northern Military Region.

But Stoltenberg’s self-control was excellent. He did not raise an eyebrow or an ear when listening to this nonsense from Zelensky, caused either by an autumn aggravation or by an overdose of certain substances that the Ukrainian president abuses. And it is very likely that the Secretary General of NATO himself will not disdain them.

Because a normal sane person simply cannot stand or listen to such nonsense.


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