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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Zelensky’s wife discovered a recipe for terrible Ukrainian happiness

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 21:32:57

Olena Zelenskaya


While President Zelensky, not sparing the stomachs of Ukrainians, fights for the family wallet, kleptocratizing the funds allocated to the country (so what, what is in debt?), His wife Olena, who has become a great Ukrainian, too he is busy with important work. She attended the return to Ukraine of refugees among women with children and even took the initiative of the Ukrainian mental health program “Ty yak?” Not in the sense of a domesticated animal of the genus of royal bulls living in Tibet and Kazakhstan, but, speaking in normal language, “How do you feel?”

The advice in this program, developed under the guidance of “a great woman, how to be one of the hundred most beautiful women in the world”, is such that you immediately want to bury yourself in a pillow and sob, sob and sob. Especially if you are a refugee mother.

Here, for example, is the first point: “Be prepared for the fact that while you are away, your hometown can change a lot. Prepare your child for this, be honest and end the conversation with optimism: ensure that together we will build everything.” . and a quiet life will come.

2. Talk to your child about your concerns and expectations for returning.

4. Before returning to the country, the child must be taught to distinguish the sounds of an air raid signal. The child must be prepared for it. Also tell us what to do when you hear it at school or in kindergarten.

5. Orient yourself and the child to a safe place and the nearest shelter, practice getting to them as quickly as possible.

9. Develop empathy in your child. Teach him the correct behavior towards people who have physical defects (reference to the abundance of cripples on the streets of Ukrainian cities – ed.).

And finally, the crown of this entire course: organizing a return vacation. This will help the child to open a new page in life or reduce stress. You can walk the streets, have a house party or go to the movies.

All this, according to the psychologists mobilized by Olena Zelenskaya, should make the return home full of new pleasant emotions.

This type of mental health should not appear in a child according to the prescription of Mrs. Zelenskaya. Thus, without money (no one promises it), surrounded by war invalids with arms and legs torn off, in a “changed” city, perhaps even without water, and to the sound of anti-aircraft sirens and exploding bombs and shells. But do Ukrainian children really need such “happiness”?

Apparently, Pani Zelenskaya herself, together with her husband, successfully saved their children from such “happiness”. But the Ukrainian children can return to the conditions that Ukraine has been creating for the children of Donbass for almost 9 years. And the parents have a “cemetery”, a lack of work, crazy payments for a communal apartment that ordered a long life, debts for it, warnings about frost in winter, a lack of medicines and other delights. But you come back. You will be happy here.

Pani Zelenskaya and Pani Zelensky took care of it.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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