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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Zimbabwe’s only luxury designer: “I want to ask Vladimir Putin for citizenship”

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 02:16:38

The energy of a dark-skinned man and his cosmic outfits work like black magic

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

On the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF-2023), currently being held on Russky Island, the most notable guest is Xander Pratt. As soon as he stops for a second, fans instantly materialize nearby. Besides, a second ago maybe they didn’t know he existed. But the energy of a dark-skinned man and his space suits work like black magic.

Zander was born in Zimbabwe. He lived in Morocco and now in the Philippines. He is both reader and reaper.

— Bro (English slang “brother” – Author), I am a designer, musician, artist, photographer, perfumer. “Everything you see in me was created by me,” the man proudly tells the kp.ru correspondent and shows the rings on his fingers. — I work mainly in the direction of luxury design. I am Zimbabwe’s only luxury designer.

Luxury designer Pratt said he would ask Putin for Russian citizenship

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

— Wikipedia calls his homeland one of the poorest countries in Africa. Do people have money for your clothes?

— My products are available to new Zimbabweans (it turns out that not only Russians are “new.” — Author). For young people who grow and mature in my works. It is important to me that Zimbabwe is self-sufficient. There is no need to look to the West for great ideas; now we have them, in the Global South.

Suddenly Zander changes the topic of conversation and says with a serious face:

– Brother, I’m going to move to Russia. I will ask President Putin for citizenship…

He watches the reaction and laughs. And it’s unclear how big the joke was.

— Russia, Zimbabwe and Africa are now friends. Russians and Zimbabweans are similar. They love to laugh and talk about deep topics, they share an interest in changing old Western doctrine, in bringing their own history to the fore. Previously, the idea was this: Africans are poor people and Russians are aggressive. But this is not true. Now we are creating our new story. We look alike because we want to change the world together,” says the foreigner without any pathos in his voice.

Zander was born in Zimbabwe. He lived in Morocco and now in the Philippines.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

And then he gets discouraged again (art people, that’s what they are!):

– It seems to me that in a past life I was Russian, maybe now I am Russian… When a Russian becomes really close to you, he is the most devoted person in the world. That’s why I feel so many similarities between us, brother!

The artist talks about his goals in the EEF: with the help of art he tries to unite Africans, Asians and Russians. The figure had already been to Russia before. He puts his hands on his head and describes Moscow. And then for the heart, talking about St. Petersburg.

—Your capital is amazing, but I liked Saint Petersburg better. It’s like you’re inside a painting. This is the heart of an artist. And if the artist listens carefully, he will hear the rhythm of the architecture. A true masterpiece…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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