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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Asuka comes to life in her kawaii yellow Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay dress

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 18:10:36

Asuka Langley made the leap into our world with an amazing cosplay inspired by the yellow dress of the German pilot from Neon Genesis Evangelion that perfectly represents the character. Don’t miss this exact characterization of the redheaded waifu below that will surely make you smile.

Japanese cosplayer midorikosakurai took to Instagram to share his shocking image of Asuka, who doesn’t owe anything to the animated character. The characterization brought the waifu to life in her trademark yellow dress she wears during her introduction to the anime, which left even young Shinji and his high school friends speechless. Here below you can take a look at the cosplay:

There may not be a better cosplay to welcome this new year because Asuka also took the opportunity to congratulate Evangelion fans with a characterization that you can check out here.

While original Evangelion projects will be few and far between as 2023 rolls around, you can’t miss this original interpretation of a classic anime that showed us what it would look like in live action. So the chosen kids wear a new style with an original characteristic that owes nothing to the originals with an interesting twist that you can’t miss.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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