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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Break 3 taboos of the ninja world with this cheeky Tsunade cosplay | spaghetti code

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:59:00

The three prohibitions (also called taboos) of the Naruto ninja world are codes of conduct that keep shinobi morality on and off the battlefield, but the following Tsunade cosplay from japp_leack (Instagram) reminds us that the kunoichi comes from Konoha, that these rules go through triumphal arch.

Despite being one of the three sannin and one of the most important ninja born in the village hidden among the leaves, Tsunade still retains a huge weakness for gambling and sake. In her youth, she was often caught drinking or gambling in underground gambling halls.

For a while, Tsunade became the embodiment of all three prohibitions of the shinobi world: not to abuse money, not to overdo it with alcohol, and finally, not to abuse women (the latter was probably established when the ninja world only allowed men). ).

Tsunade is known throughout the shinobi world as a big player, although her bets are never successful because she loses most of the time. Cosplayer japp_leack managed to impersonate Tsunade in her former “habitat” before reuniting with Jiraiya, meeting Naruto and taking over as Konoha’s 5th Hokage.

Even worse, luck rarely favors him when he wins incredible sums of money, because he usually spends it on bottles and bottles of sake.

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