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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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‘Chainsaw Man’: Cosplayer Unveils Hot Bunny Version of Makima | Spaghetti code

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 11:41:39

One anime that is still on everyone’s lips is Chainsaw Man as its adaptation attracted more fans and they were able to get a closer look at what their favorite characters are like as some attracted more attention than others, captivating them with their way of life. .

One of them was Makima, who introduced herself as a powerful Devil Hunter working for the Department of Public Security, while she leads a kind of team that will have to search for all the clues to find the location of the Weapon Demon. , Fire.

Makima surprises in “Chainsaw Man”

Via Instagram, model Martina_the_witch created an incredible version of this Chainsaw Man character that certainly gives him a bolder look and is even considered one of the most beloved waifus in anime.

We know that Makima has a somewhat calm and mysterious personality, but she also knows her goal: to gain great power and destroy all demons.

Source: Instagram/martina_the_witch

It is clear that the cosplayer respects the essence of the character, such as her red hair, which is braided and has two strands on the sides of her face to make it thinner, as well as her beautiful yellow eyes that will captivate anyone who looks at them.

Meanwhile, it looks like he’s opted for a different type of smart suit and is now a white bunny suit, which consists of a light-colored bodysuit paired with a pair of dark tights, white sneakers, cufflinks and a collared shirt with a tie. , and there were also ears to make our dear Makima look very elegant.

Makima will undoubtedly seek power in several possible ways. What do you think of this version of your favorite Chainsaw Man character?


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