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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Chainsaw Man to make new announcement in March

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:19:13

The Chainsaw Man just said goodbye to the first part of the anime, but it seems that no one can stop the Chainsaw Man, as the series will soon have an announcement that could reveal the anime’s next moves. So far, there is no sign of a second season, although given the success of the series, it would be crazy if there were no sequel.

A leak from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed that the Chainsaw Man anime has prepared a fan announcement for the next issue of the publication, which will be released on March 6th. No one knows what this sudden announcement, which came just a few weeks after the anime’s season finale, could be about, although it is indicated that “special information” about the production will be revealed. Do you think the anime can announce its second part or is it too early for that?

While we don’t yet know when the anime will return to the small screen, Chainsaw Man has no shortage of collectibles and all sorts of fan accessories. The most striking novelty of the franchise is the incredible figure of Aki summoning the Demon Fox with his well-known hand position, which we have seen in anime and manga.

Remember that you can now follow Chainsaw Man for free through the Manga Plus portal, where you will find new chapters every week completely free of charge and translated into Spanish. You can also check when Chapter 122 is released so you don’t miss it on the day and time it premieres if you don’t want to be left behind with all the Chainsaw Man news.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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