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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Check out Tatsumaki’s amazing abilities in this One Punchman cosplay

Date: February 7, 2023 Time: 21:02:27

Tornado of Terror is one of the few characters in the world of One Punch Man who were born with psychic powers, and now we can get an idea of ​​what they would look like in our world thanks to this great Tatsumaki. cosplay by soapy_avocado (Instagram).

Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper known in the world of One Punch-Man, and this helped her rise to the top of the Hero Association, becoming the 2nd rank of the S class… “the second strongest in the organization!”. Below we see how the soap demonstrates the incredible psychic abilities of this mini waifu tsundere, nicknamed the “Tornado of Terror”.

One of the features of Tatsumaki’s abilities is that they emit green energy that surrounds both herself and the objects she manipulates. It is also said that his cheerful appearance (despite being 27 years old) is due to the side effects of his psychic abilities.

We might consider this as “something good”, but Tatsumaki is not happy that people treat her like a baby and call her a dwarf or a minor because of this…

What do you think of this cosplay of Tatsumaki from One Punch-Man? The series began as a webcomic written and illustrated by ONE that began publication in 2009. Due to its popularity, the story received a re-adaptation, which is published in the pages of the Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha magazine. At the moment, 222 chapters and 27 collections have been published in the series.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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