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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Cosplay Shows Eternal Sailor Moon’s Majestic Transformation | spaghetti code

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 03:52:01

Sailor Moon isn’t Serena’s only transformation as she prepares to fight the forces of evil, and this cosplay made by Usagi Tsukino krv (Devianart) is ready to introduce the most powerful version of this protagonist known as “Eternal Sailor Moon”. “.

This transformation was achieved by Serena for the first time during her final battle in the Dead Moon Circus against Queen Neherenia (the story takes place in Sailor Moon: Eternal).

While the Eternal Sailor Moon costume retains the “nautical” style of all Sailor Scout uniforms, it adds a large amount of new detail to all elements of Sailor Fuku, giving the group leader a much more masculine appearance. group of warriors

In this design, her boots are inverted in color, she gains angel wings protruding from her waist, the skirt is much more wavy, and has three different color patterns: yellow, pink, and blue.

In terms of accessories, the brooch on her chest (which she uses for her transformation) is shaped like a golden heart; the brooches that adorn her hair, chest, and upper sleeves retain the shape of bunny ears (the same ones she used in Super Sailor Moon). Finally, the cosplayer is presented with a beautiful picture, and her scepter shines just like the lights of the night city.

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