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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Don’t miss the spectacular cosplay of Himiko Togi from My Hero Academia | spaghetti code

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 11:19:07

Himiko Toga came to life with a breathtaking cosplay that perfectly recreated the classic waifu outfit from My Hero Academia. For this reason, we find the villain’s classic sailor fuku, not forgetting, of course, the hair that mesmerizes us with its extravagant golden curls.

Himiko Toga was brought into our world by Instagram cosplayer Yomechani_chan. And without a doubt, we’re facing one of the most kawaii versions of the bloodthirsty villain who recently featured on the cover of Volume 38 of the My Hero Academia manga, confirming what we’ve all suspected about the character. Below we leave you incredible cosplay images so you don’t miss out:

Episode 389 of My Hero Academia is on the way with a new dose of action that will continue the battle between Endeavor and Dabi, in which we already foresee the tragic ending that the end of this arc could have for us. On the other hand, although Horikoshi previously commented that the end of the manga is near, everything indicates that the story will continue for several more months (if not years).

And while fans continue to wait for the anime’s seventh season, the cast of “My Hero Academia” brilliantly recreated one of the manga’s most epic illustrations, showing the permanent and exhausting rivalry between Bakugou and Deku all over the world. Would you like to see the play “My Heroic Academy” live?

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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