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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Dragon Ball: Android 18 Enters Turtle School With Incredible Fan Art

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:22:25

No one doubts the huge potential of Android 18 in her fists, but the waifu decided to hone all her fighting skills by becoming the new student of Turtle School with this incredible Dragon Ball fan art. This is how the waifu puts on everything and the school martial arts uniform that Goku and Krillin usually wear.

Illustrator @kajinman_art tweeted his original take on Android 18 with the orange Turtle School uniform, and of course, the now-classic sequel logo with a blue ribbon around the waist couldn’t be missed. This fanart just makes us want this version of Android 18 to become canon, though it’s not clear if that will happen in the near future.

In addition to this incredible alternate version, we were also able to see what Android 18 will look like as Dragon Ball’s husband. And that’s not all, because the original Dragon Ball fan art also showed us what Android 17 will now look like as a waifu, although without detracting one iota from the huge power of the android. How do you imagine androids with such a sex change?

To our surprise, chapter 90 of the Dragon Ball Super manga confirmed its connection to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, showing how Goten and Trunks learned all of Dr. Hedo’s secrets. The episode went into some detail that we didn’t find in the feature film, which made the relationship that exists in the Dragon Ball timeline between the strip and the manga a little clearer.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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