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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Dragon Ball: Can the Time Room exist in real life? | spaghetti code

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 02:41:11

The Dragon Ball franchise has used various concepts in their fights and confrontations, but one element that caught my attention was the famous Time Room, where some characters could train for a year, but the time outside was only one day.

It may sound very crazy and we are bringing this to our world but it seems that a site in this style could be created but would not be really viable, however it seems that a space in which a year is equivalent to 1 day in a normal time would be the other way around.

The official Dragon Ball website published an interview with Professor Nobuyoshi Ohta, a physicist at National Central Taiwan University, in which he commented on the possibility of such a site.

The scientist explained that at points or places where gravity is greater, time passes more slowly than where it is lighter, so it would not be unwise for an enemy to be trapped in an area of ​​huge gravity, or even train in a place where it is easier.

However, finding gravity to create a temporal distance like this place in Dragon Ball is not easy, because to create huge gravity you need to find a planetary mass equivalent to that of a billion Earths.

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