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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Dragon Ball: Fanart Shows Android 18 as Bold Goddess of Destruction | Spaghetti code

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:27:58

One of the biggest franchises is Dragon Ball, one of the most beloved for showcasing some absolutely incredible characters, but not everyone surrounding the Z Warriors, girl power was in some way present to help them out in some way.

Android 18 was one of them. She was born along with her brother Number 17 at the hand of Dr. Maki Gero, who belonged to the evil Red Patrol and whose goal was to kill Goku, but this girl turned out to be not as bad as they thought, and now she takes on a different form.

Look at Android 18 as the Goddess of Destruction in Dragon Ball

Via Instagram, user Saruldraw created an incredible version of this Dragon Ball character, which he gave a rather interesting touch because he not only showed that he has a great sense of fashion, but also wants to experience more things after gaining great power. and what better way to do this than by training Beerus.

Source: Instagram/saruldraw

The artist managed to respect the essence of Android 18 and some of his characteristics, such as blonde hair and blue eyes, which will charm anyone and can even distract an enemy, so he somehow uses them to his advantage in Dragon Ball.

Meanwhile, she wears part of an outfit similar to Bill’s, but it is a light red skirt with a piece of black fabric with colored diamonds on it, as well as a white blouse with a long black necklace and some patterns. a pair of earrings to add elegance to this endeavor of becoming the Goddess of Destruction. This way she will show that she is the strongest.

What do you think about this Android 18 version of Dragon Ball?


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