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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Dragon Ball: Future Trunks Gets Ultra Instinct In This Incredible Fan Art

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 07:22:56

In the world of Dragon Ball, some characters managed to win the love of many fans, but it was through their abilities and push their powers to the limit, but recently, new powers such as Ultra Instinct have appeared and someone has also been able to get it.

Among these characters, one of the favorites was Future Trunks, who traveled through time to warn the other Z Fighters of the coming danger, but it seems he achieved something unexpected in his time.

Via Instagram, illustrator Chry_Insi_Art shared an incredible version of this Dragon Ball character who we later knew as Vegeta’s son but now has managed to gain more power and looks like Goku.

While we remember Ultra Instinct was one of the most recent and correct skills our favorite Saiyan got, it looks like it was achieved by someone else.

The essence of Future Trunks can be seen in the image, for example, in the black pants and brown boots that were the Capsule Corporation’s hallmark, but it seems that this warrior has trained enough and was able to unleash great power.

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