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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 90 ends with superhero movie prequel

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 02:06:12

Dragon Ball Super released Chapter 90 of the manga today, which continues Goten and Trunks’ small crusade against Dr. Hedo, but also serves as the conclusion to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie prequel.

In Chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super, Goten and Trunk finally manage to find out the whole truth about Dr. Hedo with the help of Mai and Krillin. That is, they discover that he is Gero’s grandson and that Red Ribbon is seeking his intelligence to create a large-scale sinister plan, as we saw in the movie starring Gohan and Piccolo. For this reason, the Saiyans, along with Krillin, prepare to pursue him until they find his secret laboratory and thus arrest him.

This, of course, gives us all the context to find out how Hedo ended up in prison, because now we know that the scientist was put there for stealing corpses from the morgue, and later to understand how he got to work in the Red Ribbon Army. .

And finally, this is how this hilarious prequel ended, which began late last year and now continues precisely with Gohan, Piccolo and everything that we have already seen in the film, although perhaps with one or two details that Toei Animation may have did not animate. . . .

However, we are left wondering how it is that in the movie Trunks, Goten and Krillin didn’t recognize Docotra Hedo if they already knew him before, but still. Dragon Ball is taking an odd course between the manga and anime, but at least we’re already in a much better position as to what the continuity is between the Granola arc, the superhero arc, and the franchise’s latest film.

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